9apps- The Third-Party App Store You Need In Mobile Devices


9apps is an app store quite similar to the play stores available in Android and iOS devices. Once you install the apk file and download this app on your PC, iOS or Android, you can easily search any required app and download them easily, safely and speedily. The range of apps available in this app store is unlimited and the user is free to download these apps according to his/her convenience. Read further to know more about app store and third-party applications.

  • What is an app store?

Also known as the app marketplace, it is a platform where one can find different applications and software related in a mobile context. Generally, an app is designed to run on a specific operating system whether it is iOS, Windows, Android or macOS. App stores act as online stores where the user can do as follows:

  • App related to specific OS is listed and available
  • The browser has different categories to opt from
  • Detailed information of all apps is readily available
  • Installation of any selected app can be done
  • Reviews and ratings of the app are there and the user also has the option to provide his experiences useful for others
  • Paid apps can also be purchased and downloaded
  • Examples Google Play store for Android and Apple play store for iOS, Mobile Companies are coming up with their own app stores also

Third-party app stores like 9app also offer the above features and in fact more liberties to the users.

  • What exactly is a third party store?

App stores that do not have native apps are referred to as third-party app stores. Basically, they are independent developers who have nothing to do with the apps; they are neither the manufacturer nor the Operating system and list the apps for the customer. These are also developed by reputed companies and are very reliable. They have lesser restrictions and the installation is also easy. The features offered by them are equally good or even better than the OS apps.

  • Are third-party app stores like 9app secure for the downloaders?

9apps and other app stores are managed, developed and monitored by established organizations. They provide an app distribution platform with keeping in mind the security aspect. The stores are free from malware, adware, viruses and any malicious content. The app store itself is safe and the platform makes sure the login information of the user also remains private. Similarly, 9apps is owned by the renowned Alibaba group which is a globally recognized brand.

  • Is it possible to upload a new app to 9app store?

The developers accept the apps to become business partners with the store. The desired app company can contact to business cooperation unit of 9apps and upload the application, the material’s zip file and the rest decision is taken by the team. The app can be listed in the store when approved and the best part is, they also get benefitted by the app store.

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