8 Best WordPress Security Plugins To Protect Your Site


The security exposure can seriously affect your website authority in the gazes of Google and readers. Meanwhile, having a better plugin can protect your WordPress website from vicious force attacks, malware, and spammers, whether your business is running at a small pace or a great pace. Security is a significant concern, and hackers don’t leave any website. Approximately 18 million websites are infected with malware and hackers every week.

Having a WordPress security plugin helps in safeguarding your website when any hackers guess your website login credentials. Your all website confidential files are secure and safe with WordPress security login. Also, you will get notified if any security threat arises. Various web development company in Bangalore suggested some of the best WordPress security plugins. 

The top 8 WordPress security plugins are given as:

● Sucuri

It is one of the best free WordPress security plugins in the world. The best all-in-one security platform is over-popular worldwide. Sucuri is the prominent security plugin for your website. But its pro version is the real one which you must have for your website. If your website is best trapped with malware, Sucuri can clean it up with no additional price.

It can be set up easily in your WordPress site dashboard. Through the firewall present in Sucuri, you can block all the malware and malicious attacks. Sucuri offers both free and paid versions. Its paid version cost around $299 per year. This is one of the favourite WordPress security plugins for many web development companies in Bangalore.

●     iTheme security pro

If your website runs with WordPress, you must know about the team which created the iTheme security pro. Because it has also built up the Backup Buddy plugins and other themes. iTheme security pro plugin offers two-factor authentication for an additional security layer and has powerful password enforcement. iTheme security pro also enables the scheduled backup of your website data and information. Its plan starts from $80 per year.

●     Jetpack

Through this WordPress security plugin, you can quickly scan your website for its security vulnerabilities. Approximately 5 million + website users have installed the jetpack security plugin. Through this, you can easily get back your website with one click restore. Its activity log can inform you who has broken the security of your website. The decentralized malware function offered by this security plugin can make your site safe from security threats.

●     WPScan

This user-friendly WordPress security plugin was introduced around 2012 and makes your website safe and secure ok the backend. WP scan offers regular automated scans which resolve all the malware threats. This open-source tool has an unusual functionality that can be used for surveying distant WordPress facilities for security issues.

●     Word fence

It is also very famous amongst web development companies in Bangalore. Word fence offers various features for protecting your WordPress website. If you don’t want to spend any cents, you can use this security plugin’s basic version. It helps in monitoring visits and hacking attempts in the real-time backend. It also provides customizable email alerts. The pro version of word fence helps in monitoring the website from the central dashboard.

●     Bulletproof security

This WordPress security plugin is not cool like other security plugins but will give you some basic security features in its free version. It has an easy-to-use wizard and can protect from malware scanning and firewall. It also provides login protection and database backups. Also, it allows the ideal session logouts. This WordPress security login is ultimately free of cost.

●     All in one WP security and firewall

If your small business website requires WordPress security best practices, you should have this all-in-one WP security and firewall security plugin. But this tool is not that beginner-friendly for website solutions. It allows scanning for malicious patterns. This security plug-in locks in the login process if there are multiple failed login attempts. Its password strength tool will enable you to create strong passwords. You can easily block suspicious IP addresses from your website.

●     Google authentication

If you want to keep your website safe and secure, you should allow two-factor authentication for additional security. And google authentication allows you to do this. It is very easy to use and offers a quick yet straightforward interface. You can choose your type of two-factor authentication for your website. Its shortcodes allow you to create various custom login pages. It’s a cost-free WordPress security plugin.

These are some of the top 8 or best 8 WordPress security plugins. Irrespective of your website type, you can use it for maintaining the proper security of your website. After installing any of the above-mentioned WordPress security plugins, your website will be protected from all malware and malicious hackers. A web development company in Bangalore uses these WordPress security plugins to offer security to their websites. So, you should also move forward and install any of the WordPress security plugins to protect your website.

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