7 Pro Tips To Style Your Home With Cushions


Once reserved for the wealthy and royal, cushions are now an item of everyday luxury and comfort. Not only does perfectly-placed cushions make your couch or bed look great and elegant, but they make it appear cozier and inviting too. Available in a myriad of colors, patterns, and textures, there is a cushion designed for every decor, budget and need, such as knitted cushions for your oversized binge-watching chair or geometric patterned square cushions to add a pop of color to your comfortable sofa. Indeed, cushions are one of the most cost-effective ways to enliven your home instantly.

With this in mind, let’s explore some interesting tips on styling your home with cushions like a pro:

  1. Finding The Right Colors

Look for cushions in colors and patterns that will coordinate with the palette of your existing home decor. Make sure that they complement the overall aesthetics of the space to make the room look both stylish and inviting. In case, you opt for hand-knitted cushions covers with bolder prints, don’t forget to add a few cushions in neutral tones to balance them.

Don’t be tempted to use designs that are the same color as your sofa or bedding, instead choose something that will give a contrast, or perhaps try a combination of complementary colors. However, don’t overdo it and use not more than three colors.

  1. Determining The Correct Numbers

There is no strict rule regarding the number of cushions to be used, it entirely depends on the space and style you have to work with.

When you’re selecting cushion for any space —indoors or outdoors —you should aim for a number that isn’t going to completely cover the entire space itself. Generally, odd numbers work well, especially if you are going to mix and match shapes and sizes.

Still, in doubt, you can follow this rule of thumb:

  • Add up to 5 cushions for 3 seater sofa, 4 cushions for 2 seaters, and stick to just one cushion for 1 seater sofa.
  • Don’t use more than 5 cushions while styling your bed, two large-sized cushions at the back, two medium ones, and one small-sized at the front.
  1. Choosing The Texture

Selecting cushions with distinguishing textures will add depth to your space, which will further help you embrace the other materials and fabrics in the room decor. For example- choose cushions for sofas in designs made from a different material, knitted cushions for a leather couch, or velvet cushions works well on a cotton or linen sofa.

Don’t be afraid to add cushions with different textures from velvet to silk to fur. But make sure to combine heavy textures with lighter ones across your cushions to keep your space looking cozy yet modern.

  1. Arranging The Pattern

There are no interior design rules about positioning your cushions on your sofa or bed, you have all the time in the world and freedom to go creative as well as mix things up.

For a traditional look, arrange the cushions in the classic display— matching cushions at either end of the couch. To have a modern and chic look, you can mix things up as per your taste and preferences to achieve an eclectic aesthetic. You can layer them according to colors, sizes, and textures along the sofa, or opt for an arrangement, placing the larger cushion on one end of the sofa while arranging the collection of smaller ones skilfully on the other end.

  1. Vary Shape And Size

Have all your cushions in the same regimented size can give a formal look to your space.

The standard square pillow will always be a classic, whether you add it to your living room, private den, or casual outdoor setting. However, introducing other shapes and sizes such as oval or oblong is the perfect way to add even more visual appeal to your decor. You can also consider adding bolsters and lumbar for creating a more homely and welcoming look.

  1. Play On

You can still have a gender-neutral room with cushions, choose simple grey and yellow which is a great combination that instantly lifts and enlivens the space. Other trending colors that work well for neutral rooms are mustard, terracotta, sage green, and seafoam. For a more textured and edgy finish, simply add some metallic.

You can also try playing with the contrasts to create more interesting designs. Contrast block colors with horizontal lines and vertical lines in narrow spaces to play with the eyes.

  1. Go Offbeat And Experiment

Don’t be afraid to experiment and add an unexpected style— try everything from updated classics like cube and box pillows to quirkier designs and shapes such as spheres, fruits, cupcakes, stars, and animals, or an offbeat cushion may be just the touch of whimsy and fun your space needs.

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