5 Major Types Of Mine Pumps To Choose From


There are several kinds of pumps, like water pumps, mine pumps, and industrial pumps. This article helps you to understand the varying kinds of pumps. Ore mining pumps are the kinds of pumps used in the ore mining process. The pumps rely on fluid transfer and application requirements is what divides them into:


  1. Slurry pumps

Slurry pumps are designed to pump solid particles-containing fluids. They alter in construction and design to adjust to several kinds of slurry which vary in size of solid particles, the composition of the solution, the concentration of solids, and shape of solid particles. The pumps are significantly more robust than liquid pumps; they feature extra sacrificial materials as well as replaceable wear parts to endure wear caused by abrasion. Both positive displacement and centrifugal pumps could be utilized for slurry. Centrifugal slurry pumps could feature in between bearing-supported shafts together with metal- or rubber-lined or split casing. Configurations include vertical suspended, horizontal, and submersible.


  1. Gravel pump

The sand pump is most commonly utilized in pumping systems that move sand deposits over long distances. They are classified as sand pumps, gravel pumps, and slurry pumps. They are widely utilized in metallurgy, power plants, dredging, mining, coal washing, sewage water treatment, as well as the petroleum and chemical industries.


  1. Dredge pump

This is a special category of heavy-duty slurry pumps used in the dredging process. Dredging is the process of conveying underwater sediments (normally gravel, sand, and rocks) from one place to another. Dredging with these pumps which, you can buy from any reliable mine pumps supplier, occurs in shallow water areas of rivers, lakes, or oceans for purposes of land reclamation, flood prevention, expansion of existing ports, desilting, or creation of new ports. Hence, varying industries that use dredge pumps are mining, oil and gas, construction, and coal industries.


  1. Submersible slurry pump

Submersible pumps are devices that feature a hermetically sealed motor that’s close-coupled to the pump’s body. The complete assembly is submerged in the fluid that’s being pumped. The key advantage of this category of pumps is that it averts pump cavitation, a problem that’s associated with high elevation variations between the pump and the fluid surface. These pumps push fluids to the surface in opposition to jet pumps which generate a vacuum and depend on atmospheric pressure. Submersible pumps are a lot more efficient and effective than jet pumps.


  1. Vertical slurry pump

Vertical centrifugal pumps are also known as cantilever pumps. They utilize an exclusive shaft and maintain the design that allows the volume to fall in the pit as the pumps bearings are external to the pit. This kind of pump uses no filling container to get the shaft covered, and rather utilizes a throttle bushing in its place. A parts washer system is among the most common applications of this category of pumps.


In conclusion, even though there are still a few others, these are the five foremost kinds of mine pumps that are out there in the market for you to choose from. If the size of available options gets you overwhelmed in any way, just makes sure that you get in contact with the foremost experts. They are always ready to offer recommendations regarding suitable options.

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