4 tops to wear this summer instead of the boring white t-shirt


One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of a fashion staple is the plain white t-shirt. And, while it’s a great complement to any wardrobe, it’s a lot more fun to dress up in colorful, embroidered tops, especially during these hot months ahead of us, when more and more people are experimenting with their fashion choices. So, if you want to spice up your style this summer by wearing something more interesting, here are a few ideas for what you may acquire on your next trip to the mall:

Corset top

Corset tops, both classic monochromatic and more ornate designs, such as those with embroidered flowers, have become extremely trendy in recent seasons. While they may not be the most comfortable top to wear on a hot day, they are a great garment to play around with, such as teaming it with a pair of basic jeans and shoes or layering it over a blouse or dress to make the ensemble shine. And if all the A-list celebrities at this year’s Met Gala didn’t get the theme, you can certainly do better with a corset top like this.

Floral tops

Floral tops scream summer more than anything else. These clothes come in a variety of shapes and colors, with large roses and delicate daisies adorning them, allowing everyone to find their ideal piece. If a flowery top seems to be too simple for you, consider investing in a more intriguing shirt, such as a Celtic top with distinct floral elements. By purchasing a flowery top like this, you are not only purchasing a piece of Celtic clothing, but also a symbol of nature’s rebirth and all of its wonders.

V-neck bodysuit

If you’d still like to wear something basic and easy to combine with other clothes, but also more interesting than a white shirt, a V-neck bodysuit is the perfect garment for you.  The V-neck is one of the most popular cuts and styles among women’s apparel, especially for summer garments, because it helps you feel fresher and gives you a better tan in the chest and décolletage area. Apart from that, a V-neck bodysuit can draw more attention to your neck, allowing your pendants and necklaces to stand out even more.

Lace cami tops

An etalon of femininity and elegance, a lace cami top is a must-have in the summer wardrobe for all the women who are looking for something that can be worn both on casual and official events. Decorated with delicate lace elements, such a top will add style and sophistication to any outfit. Silk would be the preferred fabric, as it is natural, thus lasts longer and lets your skin breath, but some synthetic alternatives such as satin can also look great. White, beige, and black are the go-to colors, but you can also get brighter on

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