4 Must-Have Features That Make A Winning Real Estate App In 2021


Purchasing a home could probably be the most significant investment a person makes ever.  So, it is best to go with proper knowledge and right information to get the best deal possible regarding your home. For that, many people use high-performing real estate apps. Undoubtedly, real estate has become a popular business in the market with the evolution of smartphones and technologies.

So, as a real estate business owner, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need a brilliant, custom mobile app. Make sure your app must stand out from the stuffed application stores so that users can download it easily. So, what features make an outstanding real estate app in 2021? Before we find the answer to this question, let’s see why on-demand app development is essential for your real estate business.

Why should you have real estate mobile apps?

No wonder that the real estate market has become completely digital. Whether home buyer or seller, or realtor, everyone can get benefit from real estate application. For example, homebuyers don’t need to go from one agent to another to find a suitable property. Sellers don’t need to show their home personally to everyone. And even realtors can get great benefits from this application.

According to the national association of Realtors report:

  • In 2018, more than 44% of the people used real estate applications for purchasing and selling properties online.
  • In 2019, 80% of millennials used mobile devices for home searching and 52% of people found their home with the aid of real estate apps. This number will naturally increase in 2021.

Everyone related to the real estate market – whether homebuyer, or seller or realtor – prefer using mobile apps to deal with this market. Here are some unique features of real estate applications that help you stand out from the rest.

Four must-have features that’ll Make Your App A Hit With House Hunters in 2021

The main aim of developing a real estate application is to draw users’ attention and make the buying or selling process smoother. But what makes your real estate app popular in 2021? Here are four must-have features that should be a part of your real estate apps.

Feature # 1 – Short and Simple Onboarding

One of the most basic and essential features for any real estate mobile app is user onboarding. Ensure you keep it as straightforward as possible because a short, easy and straightforward onboarding process attracts many people to your real estate application. To do that, you can follow three ways, including social media authorization, Authorization via email and phone verification. Besides, you can combine all these methods to make the sign-up process even simpler.

Feature # 2 – Filters and Categories

Finding the right property is a back-breaking task for homebuyers and users who are looking for rented houses. The real estate app simplifies the searching process for helping users. For that, you need to add filters and categories to your application so that users can quickly locate properties according to their needs. For example, application users can select the ‘Recent’ or ‘New Listing Option’ in the filters for checking new postings. Large scale and popular real-estate applications have a flexible search option for enhancing the searching process.

Feature # 3 – Interactive Maps

Interactive Map is a must-have feature for any real estate app. Even you can’t imagine a real estate application without this feature. The mobile app development company can integrate interactive maps to enable you to offer valuable information to users. Apart from showing the properties’ location, you can show valuable data and stats about them. You can also showcase information regarding the crime rate, nearby schools and the residents’ average income in the specific locality.

Feature # 4 – Virtual Tour

Finally, a virtual tour is a great way to give buyers a real-time feel of the home they want to purchase. 360-degree view of the property and virtual tour not only saves your app users’ time but also helps them make an informed decision. With photos and videos of the property, this feature can offer an immersive user experience.

The Final Thought!

Whether a real estate app for Android or iOS, it always brings more convenience for people who want to purchase, sell or rent the property. As you can see, this app saves time, provides 24×7 support, offers services without mediators and makes the real estate process easy. But, only if you get in touch with a reputed real estate app development company. They will help you make a successful app with all the features mentioned above and excellent functionality for your real estate business.






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