4 Flurys Delicacies That Will Titillate One’s Sweet Tooth in No Time


With a plethora of cafes, restaurants, and bakeries sprouting like mushrooms, every month in Kolkata, it is quite difficult to not be spoilt for choices in this food hub of a city. Leaving aside the food bloggers and food lovers, even the diet conscious, health freak, and those who are not passionate about experimenting with their taste buds have also become forced to go to a new place every weekend, just because of the extravagant spread of options before them. However, having said so, it must also be mentioned that not all these places have become a benchmark or have the power to become a part of the city’s rich, cultural lineage. But there is one place in Kolkata, Park Street to be specific, which has gone beyond being a cake shop and confectionery, and has stood the test of time to become one of the most famous hallmarks of this ‘City of Joy’. Started as a small tea room in 1927 by a Swiss Couple, Flurys is the one name that triumphs over every cake shop and bakery in Kolkata, with a sheer combination of their legacy, nostalgia, and mouthwatering delicacies.

So, today, we bring you a palatable platter of sweetmeats offered by this celebrated culinary institution of Kolkata, which is bound to titillate your sweet tooth in no time. Take a look.

Chocolate Truffle Cake

The Chocolate Truffle Cake from Flurys is one of the most popular items on their menu. Right from one’s birthday celebrations to the Christmas merriment at home, this heavenly paradise, rich in a dense and moist chocolaty layer, with crisp chocolate flakes, and truffle frosting has made a place in the homes and hearts of every Calcuttan since forever. Whether it is an old mane wishing to celebrate his wife’s 80th birthday by throwing a grand party or a young girl who wants to surprise her father for his promotion news, this is the perfect answer to their predicament. So, if you are going to Flurys, then ordering this one is definitely a must. Dig into this cake once and you will know what it feels like to be a part of a chocolate fantasy.

Fresh Fruit Tart

Are you thinking that you will be spared from the Flurys fanaticism just because you don’t want to have something as heavy as a whole cake? Wait till you try out their Fresh Fruit Tart. Not many of you will believe what a tiny little tart can do to your taste buds, the moment you lay your hands, rather mouth, on it. There is a sweet paste base with pastry cream on this light, refreshing, fruity tart, and has fresh, seasonal fruit toppings, making it the most fantastic dessert of all times.

Rich Plum Cake

Are you bored of the similar kinds of fresh cream butter, black forest, or chocolate cakes? Flurys can offer you something exquisite for your taste buds. Try the dark, dry, alcohol soaked dry fruit plum cake in a gift tin box, and lose yourself in the soft texture and delicious taste of this extraordinary cake, that is perfect even as a gift for your dear ones. For example, if you are looking for something sophisticated and tasteful for a friend or a relative, you can totally depend on this item to be your sweet savior.

Cube Pastries

Whether it is your first date with the cutest girl in class or you are dying to taste something sweet after a rough day at work, the Cube Pastries from Flurys will never disappoint you. Pack them in a box to dive into them later in the cozy warmth of your couch or gorge on these lip-smacking delicacies in their traditional main outlet under the chandeliered ceiling, what these pastries entail can give you a sense of nostalgia, years later when you think of Flurys or even Kolkata for that matter. These dainty, sweet, and soft guilty pleasures can be the best food for your soul, at any time of the day. With a variety of options like Chocolate Cube Pastry, Flurys Almond Cube Pastry, or Flurys Strawberry Cube Pastry, you will surely be spoilt for choices. And now there is good news too. You can order online pastries in Kolkata from Flurys by just visiting their website.

So, if you need a cake delivery in Kolkata from Flurys or simply want to put your sweet craving, hungry heart at rest, come down to Flurys today or take a look at the offerings on their website.


Author Bio: Akanksha Roy, a food blogger here writes on some Flurys delicacies that can simply titillate one’s sweet tooth in no time. He suggests visiting their website if one needs a cake delivery in Kolkata from them or wants to order online pastries in Kolkata.

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