3 Best Copywriting Formulas For Email Marketing With Examples


Marketers are actively using copywriting formulas. These structures make it possible to create copies of messages that attract subscribers.

Copywriting formulas are the starting point for creating a message with a compelling impact on your audience. You can easily turn subscribers into buyers who will be interested in your products or services.

The following are three copywriting formulas that work best for email marketing. You can even use them in blog titles or on social networks.

Copywriting Formulas for Marketing

Formula 1: FAB

You clearly understand the essence of the service or product you offer. But it is often difficult to convey it in one email so that potential customers understand everything too. Besides, long-term thinking about a product’s function scares off buyers.

It is important to explain the characteristics of the product/service. If you can combine the functions of a product with its benefits, a real miracle will happen. Use this strategy:

  • Feature: Explain what elements the product/service has.
  • Advantages: Highlight the uniqueness of features and their benefits to business and daily life.
  • Benefits: Display the value of the product/service and indicate how it solves customer problems.

You need to focus on why it is impossible to do without product/service functions. It is necessary to give reasons that can convince a person of the benefits of a product or service.


You can out the benefits of service/product like this: The assignment writing services can help you do the task faster, so you can save valuable time. 

Thanks to such a simple formula, the value of the offered service or product will increase. You will be able to attract the attention of a potential audience to your proposal.

Formula 2: PAS

It is a proven copywriting formula that works for a variety of situations. Dan Kennedy, a marketing legend, calls this formula the most reliable and effective. The abbreviation PAS stands for:

  • Problem: Indicate what problem the audience is concerned about.
  • Escalation: You escalate a problem or raise the next question that arises from the first moment.
  • Solution: Offer your product or service as a solution to the problem.

The copywriting formula is effective if you focus on the “A” aspect. To agitate, it is necessary to stir up negative emotions in people that have a connection with the problem. Let the reader feel himself in the center of events and understand that he cannot do without your proposal.


Take Paulo Rizzo, who is a TV producer and runs his own business, as an example. He helps his clients organize courses and checklists. Rizzo’s subscribers said they felt a lack of control in the digital world. Their inbox is full of spam, so they can’t keep up with the times.

In the first letter, Rizzo welcomes a new subscriber and shares the specifics of the business. After that, he proceeds to solve a specific problem and offers his subscribers the best solution: the paid course “Take your mailbox: getting rid of unread messages and quick replies to important letters.” The cost of such a course is $ 47.

Formula 3: AIDA

This formula is used as a copywriting tactic. Explanation of the formula:

  • Attention: To attract the readers.
  • Interest: Provide important information accompanied by compelling arguments.
  • Desire: Make your customers want, what you are willing to offer.
  • Action: Tell them how to get a product and service.


Attention: Without writing a good dissertation, you won’t be able to pass the degree.

Interest: Many students use external help for saving their time in dissertation writing.

Desire: We have professionals that can provide dissertation writing help for any course.

Action: Click on the link to get a 20% discount on placing the order just today. 

This classic selling formula should be put into practice. Thanks to it, readers from their mailboxes will move to the next step of the conversion path.

Final Words

Use our online copywriting course to convey your message to your clients by eliminating complications. A variety of formulas can be applied to different types of products/services. This is why you need to experiment and test to see which one works best for your product/service.

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