2021 Volkswagen Passat or Arteon – Which One to Buy?


2021 Volkswagen Passat and Arteon, both are sedans that are simple yet fun to drive vehicle. When choosing one people get confused due to the fact that an individual doesn’t really know much about these two vehicles that will help in comparing.

Hence, to understand which one you should buy from Volkswagen dealership San Bernardino, you should go through certain specs of these two vehicles. It will help in understanding which car would fulfill your needs and aid in making a decision at the end.

So have a look at both these vehicles!

2021 Volkswagen Passat

When it comes to powertrain, Volkswagen decided to offer just one choice for everyone. It consists of four-cylinder turbocharged 2L engine that has been mated with auto 6-speed transmission. Refined and smooth is who can describe the engine performance along with a revving aspect that assists in making this car move easily.

Passat can take up any challenge, whether driven on a highway or through some back road. Precise handling along with luxurious riding quality ensures this car to offer utmost comfort. Also, it offers 24 mpg (cities) and 36 mpg (highway) and is considered to be one of the most fuel efficient cars in this class.

Clean and straightforward is how VW designed the interior of Passat. Simple yet attractive layout is presented where the touchscreen display sits on dashboard. Ample cabin space along with supreme trunk space is what makes this vehicle even better. The sophisticated interior along with such superior powertrain is something everyone loves.

The starting price of Passat base trim is $25,000; however, people always go for either SE ($27,999) or R-Line ($30,999). Visiting San Bernardino Volkswagen dealership will help you to know about pricing and trim details more.

2021 Volkswagen Arteon

Be it looks or performance; in both categories 2021 Arteon shows supremacy. 2L turbocharged engine powers this vehicle and helps it to deliver 268-hp when mated with auto 8-speed transmission. Trims available come with FWD drivetrain as well as optional AWD. Also, based on which trim an individual purchases, it will have either of 20 or 19-icnh wheels.

Quick acceleration and responsiveness to input shows the efficient of this powertrain. Also, things like adaptive dampers and other features make this an ideal smooth ride.

Interior furnishing is done using top-grade materials and with flair. One might think of the interior as simple but is remarkably practical and comfortable for all. It has quite a spacious cabin with massive legroom and trunk space.

It starts from $38,200 approximately or lesser. However, the other two available trims include SEL R-Line which costs $42,800 and SEL Premium R-Line that amounts to $48,200 approx.

Now that you know about both the 2021 Volkswagen Passat and Arteon, all you need to do is check which one offers all amenities that will fulfill your requirements. Once you decide that and get a trim which is in your budget, all you need to do is visit a dealership and book your car after you take a test ride.







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