Which of These Sneaker Types is Making a Surprising Comeback?


Did you know that we have Charles Goodyear to thank for the modern-day sneaker? That’s right; the famous tire brand is the brainchild behind the invention of vulcanized rubber, which also happens to be used to make sneakers.

Thanks to these shoes’ functionality and comfort, sneaker fashion has become a staple in modern street fashion trends. There are several sneaker types on the market, and similar to other fashion trends, new sneaker types become popular each season.

Sometimes, what’s old is new again, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best sneaker types that are at the height of shoe fashion again.

Platform Sneakers 

These aren’t your typical chunky-soled kicks. As you can see here, these shoes turn the chunky sole look into something sleek. The shoe’s upper will have a slimmer design that you’d find on lower profile shoes.

The only difference is that they are placed on a thick platform. This gives you instant height. You’ll find them with a subtle sole that’s one and a half inches thick to something more dramatic of several inches.

Bold Color 

There was a time when you could find sneakers in a rainbow of colors. Designers would embrace using multiple complementary or contrasting colors in a single pair of shoes. Then shoe fashion becoming boring with white, black, and neutrals ruling the runways.

Thankfully, fashion trends are cyclical, and color is back once again! You’ll see sneakers that have bright, bold colors in a range of shades. So embrace your inner child and rock a pair of the most colorful sneakers you can find.

Embrace the color, and wear these shoes with your most colorful outfit. Or highlight the bold shoes by sticking with an outfit that black and white.

Chunky Dad Sneakers 

Back in the 80s, chunky-soled sneakers were a favorite of parents. They were supportive and comfortable enough to wear while on your feet all day. Today, these thick-soled sporty shoes aren’t just for dads.

You’ll see some of fashion’s most influential wearing these shoes with delicate silk dresses. The contrasting of the two pieces creates a unique look that’s a little sporty and slightly sexy.

Low Tops 

Let’s travel back in time to the 70s when low tops and tracksuits reigned. Today’s sneakers draw inspiration from these classics to create a modern sneaker that’s the height of athleisure fashion. They embody an old-school cool while using modern materials and technological innovations for the construction.

What you end up with is a laid back style that’s the height of cool without trying too hard. You could pair them with your athleisure yoga pants and tank top or shorts and a tee.

Wear These Sneaker Types This Season 

With all of these sneaker types, you could wear a different pair of sneakers each day. Express your mood and sense of style while also wearing comfortable shoes. Embrace modern sneaker trends by trying out one of these sneaker styles that’s making a comeback.

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