What’s Public Relation roles in hospitality sector?


Today, the hospitality sector in India is witnessing healthy growth and contributes to almost 10 per cent of the country’s GDP. According to reports and surveys, this figure is expected to reach 16 per cent by 2022 which will bring various job opportunities as well as master changes in the hospitality sector.

The growth in the Hospitality sector will be witnessing more and more hike with the surpassing time. This can be accounted with the increase in the number of services and organizations which will make it easier for the common people to travel all along in the country without any pain.

The significant growth in hospitality has made it one of the most competitive sectors in India. Thus, the role of PR firms here gets more important and diligent. Without the help of PR Firms, the development in this sector would not have reached the place where it is today. Many PR Firms all across the country have contributed to this progress.

Here are a few leading PR Firms based in Delhi which are highly acknowledged for their efforts and services in the Hospitality sector.

  • Gutenberg

Gutenberg is one of the leading PR Firms in Delhi. Gutenberg is a globally established PR Firm and is known for its services in various sectors. Hospitality is one of the sectors for which Gutenberg is highly recommended and the agency has various clients all across the globe. Some of the major clients in the hospitality sector are JSM Corporation, Intercontinental Hotel Groups, Holiday Inn and Hard Rock Cafe.

  • PR Pundit

PR Pundit is a luxurious lifestyle Hospitality PR Agency based in Delhi which was established by Archana Jain. The leadership and works of this PR firm are highly known and recognised. The strategies they deliver for any PR campaign are unique and always standout. They have a heavy list of names as their clients which includes Hyatt Regency Mumbai, JW Marriott, Lite Bit Foods, United Breweries Ltd and many more.

  • Nucleus PR

Although this name does not run much on lips, still Nucleus PR is one of the leading PR agencies in Delhi. The PR agency is better known for its services and products in various sectors including Hospitality. Nucleus PR Agency offers its clients customized PR schemes and strategies which helps them to create relevant visibility and credibility in the country. The firm also has its major offices in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore.

  • Value 360 Communications

Value 360 Communications is one of the leading PR Agencies residing in Delhi. This PR Firm has broken all the breakthrough and has stood out as the most emerging startup. They have been the choices of various renowned brands including Shopclues and Paytm and this was the phase which brought them from the ground to the top. The agency was started in the year 2003 with only 6 members but today it is one of the top PR Firms in India with over 250 professionals which works to turn the table of thousands of clients.

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