What is LED TV and what are the things one must know before buying it?


Basically, a LED TV is the new generation LCD TV that consists of light emitting diodes rather than the standard cathode fluorescent lights. Along the outside edges of the screen, there is a series of the LED backlight which is positioned. Then from there, you have the light which is been dispersed across the screen that is how the LED TVs can be made very thin. The LEDs provide brighter colors and a greater contrast.

What are the features of the LED TVs?

  • Brighter images are been emitted by the LED TV, which helps in producing a better ratio for the contrast.
  • LED’s are claimed to be long-lasting.
  • They have a slimmer body and appearance.
  • They have a better angle from which you can view the picture compared to the other LCD TV’s.
  • These are considered to be more energy efficient compared to their other counterparts.
  • The best feature of having and using an LED TV is that they do not make any use of mercury like some of the other backlighting method.

What are the few things you need to know before buying LED TV?

  • In case you haven’t done the settings of your picture correct, then having an LED TV or a non LED TV won’t make any difference.
  • LED TVs are priced on a higher range.
  • The LED consists of two backlight configurations.
  • There is still some scope for the backlighting of the LED to get better.
  • The backlighting of the LED is more efficient compared to the backlighting of the standard fluorescent ones.
  • Local dimming can be offered with each configuration.

But not always will you have your LED TV working in a proper condition, at some point of time you will definitely need a television repair technician who can help you out with the problems regarding your television. Make sure the person or company that you want to hire for fixing your television defects is insured and has a secured license. Also, make sure that they give you an estimate of how much will the repair work sum up to. While checking on the estimate also be sure to inquire if there are any other hidden costs that will be involved because you don’t want to get a surprise later.

Well if you are wondering how you can get in contact with the television repair technician? No worries! You can get Led repair in any part of the country. You can get a LED TV repair in Zirakpur or you can get a LED TV repair in Mohali, be it in any part of the country all you need to do is contact your local technician who can help you with it or you can even look up on the internet and get help and some reviews about the television repair technician in your locality. Also be aware and do some research beforehand so that you are well informed about how the company or the technician will go about with the work.

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