What Is an Airsoft Gun and Are They Safe?


Don’t jump the gun.

Airsoft guns are popular amongst many young people. But many parents have questions about them.

What is an airsoft gun? Are airsoft guns safe? What is the airsoft vs. BB gun debate?

Don’t worry. Airsoft guns have a long history of safe, fun use amongst children. Here is a quick guide about them.

What Is an Airsoft Gun? 

Airsoft guns are low-velocity, non-lethal guns. Children use them for target practice and play battles. Most airsoft guns use plastic pellets for ammunition.

Airsoft guns are categorized into three main types. Spring-powered guns use springs to propel the plastic pellet forward. The shooter must cock the gun every time before shooting.

Gas-powered guns use small canisters to power the gun. Automatic electric guns use a battery and motor. Spring and gas-powered guns can be handguns or rifles, while automatic electric guns are most often in rifle form.

The velocity of airsoft guns usually ranges from 350 feet per second to 500 feet per second. Most ammunition is around .2 grams.

Is an Airsoft Gun Safe? 

The government does not regard an airsoft gun as a firearm. But there are regulations for airsoft guns.

Manufacturers can make their airsoft guns resemble real guns. But all airsoft guns must have an orange tip to show they are fake. A person must be 18 years or older to purchase an airsoft gun.

Some states regulate airsoft guns further. In New York, for instance, it is illegal for a person younger than 16 to have an airsoft gun. Many states ban airsoft guns on school grounds.

Children should play with airsoft guns while wearing full clothing, gloves, and goggles. Plastic pellets do not penetrate into the body, but they can break the skin and cause cuts.

The greatest danger of airsoft guns is when a pellet hits someone’s eye. Pellets can blow out a person’s eye, and they can pass through the eye into the skull.

Wearing safety goggles or glasses is the best way to protect against an eye injury. Eye injuries within airsoft are uncommon. Millions of people use airsoft guns every year, and few have any injuries at all.

Airsoft vs. BB Gun

Once you understand that airsoft guns are safe, the next thing to consider is the airsoft vs BB gun debate. Many people confuse the two, but they are distinct.

BB guns fire small metal pellets, called BBs. BBs are smaller but denser than plastic pellets.

BB guns can fire at 200 to 1000 feet per second. The velocity is high enough to fracture bones if a person is hit directly.

A person can use a BB gun to shoot targets, but they can also use one to hunt small animals. Airsoft guns are best for play battles and target practice. BB guns are less realistic looking than airsoft guns.

Airsoft guns are safer than BB guns because of their low velocity and less dense ammunition. But BB guns are more versatile. Consider your child’s needs and ability to handle responsibility before purchasing.

Get the Greatest Gifts

Gun for the best gifts. An airsoft gun is a great present for someone who wants to play soldier. But many ask, “What is an airsoft gun?”

An airsoft gun is low-velocity, shooting small plastic pellets. It is great for target practice and play battles. It is safe, provided the shooter and targets are wearing proper safety gear.

Look into your state regulations before buying one. Remember that all airsoft guns must have an orange tip. BB guns have more velocity and versatility since they can be used for hunting.

An airsoft gun is one great gift to buy for a child. Find out more by following our coverage.


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