What are some flowers that you will find throughout the year?


There is no denying the fact that flowers are attractive and loved by almost everyone unless someone has an allergy! Seeing the flowers die and then waiting for them to grow again the next year is a task that requires a lot of patience. A great way is to directly order flower delivery in pune online.

For all the impatient people out there, who are not a fan of online flower delivery in ghaziabad, there are a lot of options of flowers that can be found throughout the year! Here is a list of all the perennial flowers that will brighten your garden throughout the year!

The Sweet Pea

The Sweet Pea can easily be grown from their seeds. This is the ease of having a Sweet Pea in your garden. With the minimum maintenance, you will have a plant that gives the brightest red, pink or purple-coloured flowers!

Since the Sweet Pea is a vine, it will grow over any plant. Make sure to place a trellis for them to grow on! Or plant these vines along a fence to make a beautiful border outside your home!

The Petunia

Petunia, without a doubt, is the best annual flower to have in your garden. These flowers are found in a variety of colours and also sizes! You can find these flowers in a miniature form, the normal size and also an enormous one!

The large ones, known as Supertunia, grow directly on the ground with the size increasing up to an inch every day! These are flowers that are found in pretty much every colour on the spectrum! Having this flower in the garden can instantly add a pop of colour to your garden! 

The Calibrachoa

The Calibrachoa looks exactly like a petunia, only smaller in size. Since they are similar to petunia, they are also found in a lot of colours, bright and pastel alike!

The best way to showcase these flowers is by planting them in a hanging pot and placing them on the balcony for everyone to witness. These flowers are a little more delicate than normal flowers.

Overwatering or letting the flowers wilt is the main cause for this plant to die! It is vital to keep track of the plant daily for it to thrive in any kind of environment. Take care and these flowers will bloom all year!

The Sunflower

Whenever we think of flowers that grow throughout the year, sunflowers are the first one that comes to mind. Having the normal or even the Solar Flare sunflower is a matter of pride and enhances the overall look of the place.

The Solar Flare species is a lot more dynamic than the normal one. With two-toned petals of yellow and orange and a dense black centre, this flower is also small enough to fit well in a normal garden. These flowers are easy to grow directly from seeds and come in a few other colours too.

The Pansy

Pansies are the most commonly found flower in any garden. Anyone keen on understanding flowers knows that pansies grow all year round, in every colour possible!

These flowers don’t only look great in a garden, they are also useful in the decoration of any place or even people! Having pansies in your garden may come in handy in a lot of ways!

The Marigold

Another very common flower found in gardens is the marigold. These yellow and orange-coloured flowers are a great option if you want to brighten up a place!

These round flowers are very easy to grow with the help of seeds. Sometimes, these flowers might also grow out of nowhere which only proves how common it is to have a marigold in a garden and also in the vicinity.

The colour of the marigold flower also attracts a lot of butterflies and also honeybees in the same quantity. Plant this flowering plant with vegetables and you will not experience any insects over there.

All these flowers are easily found throughout the world. Even though they must be sowed in a particular season, once they start blooming, they will be a part of the garden year after year without any gaps. Send flowers online and make others happy with these bright annuals!

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