What all you need to consider about Jim Corbett Park Resorts before booking rooms?


Once we all have to go through some kind of disappointing experience while travelling with our kids. There are many resorts that claim to offer high-end hospitality services. But what we get is average food and watered-down beverages. This is the reason why we always recommend people out there to do the research and read review about the accommodations available.

You will amazed to know that there are some good Jim Corbett park resortsthat offerremarkable food, world-class bar services, and even spa retreats are included in the packages you sign up.

Through this post we shall be highlighting some of the points that you must bear in mind before you decide to book accommodation in Jim Corbett National Park.

What all points that you need to consider before booking rooms in the Jim Corbett park resorts?

Indoor and outdoor activities-

This is a must-point when you are thinking about staying along with your kids. Some of the resorts do organise different types of indoor and outdoor activities for kids and even teenagers.

It is a crucial point that you need to consider as you can have a relaxing time with your partner while your kids can have an exciting time playing different types of indoor and outdoor games. Check for the resorts that offer

Some of the indoor games that are organizedby some good resorts:

  • Chess
  • Carom
  • Ludo
  • Crayon
  • Clay Play

Some of the outdoor games that are organized by some good resorts:

  • Football
  • Pool FootBall
  • Pool Basket Ball
  • Soft Ball Cricket
  • Water Polo
  • Badminton and
  • Volleyball


Family cottages

Another important point that you need to look for is family cottages at the Jim Corbett Park resorts. Most of the family cottages are usually very spacious and well-furnished which makes the perfect for the complete family and you can spend quality time together.

Above all, the family cottages have a spacious living area, massive balcony, and attached bathrooms. It is always good to book spacious rooms especially when you are travelling with your kids.

In-House Restaurant

Some top-rated Jim Corbett park resortsdo have an in-house restaurant and serve a wide range of lip-smacking local and international cuisines. Hence, you can have a comfortable stay and enjoy the different types of cuisines.

For this, you can even check out the online reviews of the in-house restaurants of the resorts. Don’t feel hesitant! Try to look for the reviews posted by other guests of the resorts that you like a lot. It is always good to check everything before you decide to book rooms in the resorts.

Spa (With sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi)

Holidays without getting yourself pampered is definitely nothing. Hence, you should always go for the resorts that offer spa retreats. There are different types of therapeutic treatments and attain relaxation and peacefulness by booking spa treatments.

The best part about these therapeutic treatments is that the practitioner makes use of oriental and western practices. Jim Corbett Park resorts offer therapeutic treatments for the kids so you can book a spa treatment for complete family and unwind during your stay.

Situatednear to Jhirna and DhelaZones

This is yet another important point that you must consider. Jim Corbett Park resorts where you are planning to book rooms for your family that should be close toJhirna and Dhela zones. Broadly speaking, these two zones are good for jungle safari so always ensure you book resorts close to these places. Definitely with kids you can’t travel too much and have to make sure you are close to the tourist’s attractions.

Laundry services

It is quite essential to know whether the resorts offer laundry services or not. In any case, you decide to extend your stay then you don’t need to worry about the dirty laundry as everything will be taken care of with the in-house services.

Doctor on call

Last but not the least make sure that the resort you are staying do have the provision of doctor on call. With kids, you should always be prepared. Hence, resorts that offer emergency medical services should be considered.

Wrapping up

Hope the above-mentioned points help you in choosing an accommodation in the Jim Corbett Park resorts.

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