Uses of Laminated Tubes in Cosmetic Industries


Laminated tubes are a new generation of packaging that provides excellent protection and also reduces the production process. Multilayer laminate tubes are used for packaging cosmetic, oral care, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

The number of laminated tubes used in the cosmetics sector is slowly increasing because it provides a lot of space for world-class printing technologies and also ensures superior resistance to ultraviolet radiation and leakage. 

Laminated tubes also provide excellent barrier properties which also increase the life of a product and deliver effusion production and reduce leakage of volatile substances. 

Aluminum laminated tubes are also taking over plastic tubes because they combine the benefit of aluminum properties and the look and feel of plastic. You can get tubes from Laminated tubes manufacturers.

Why is it so popular? 

Laminated tubes have many features like shoulder barriers, provide superior flavour and moisture retention. But it is mainly effective in the cosmetic industry because of their adaptability. They are adaptable to a wide range of gaps like flip-top, flowerpot, stand-up except trap. These caps can also be custom-designed to fit your brand or product. 

Laminated tubes are also very versatile as they can be customised into different varieties of colour tubes and transparent tubes with different barriers for products that need to be seen. This provides an extra layer of complexity which enhances the quality of the product and also makes it attractive for the consumer to buy. 

There are also many other cutting-edge technologies like stronger fusion bonding between the body and shoulder. This provides rigidness that stops laminated tubes from breaking easily. And after all that there is yet another feature which is the main distinctive attribute that attracts people to invest in laminated tubes, is that they have a lot of space and area for brand decoration and printing. World-class printing technology also ensures superior resistance to print bleed which allows up to 6 colours plus a varnish overcoat.

You also have a choice of spot or full varnish. Ultra-modern research and development cell equipped with sophisticated equipment that helps test and studies new product development in laminated tubes makes laminated tubes much better and a cost-effective solution to other products.

Features of Laminated Tubes 

Laminated tubes are used often in industries because they are made of quality materials in a hygiene control environment which is processed to deliver the manufactured products.

There are different types of laminated tubes. Plastic laminated tubes are slowly going out of production and replaced with Laminated tubes with aluminium barriers. There are also Ethelene vinyl alcohol polymer barriers which provide a protective layer and seclude the product inside the laminated tubes to ensure more longevity of the product. Secure sealing also ensures that the tube has no leakage. 

Foil stamping is also a unique feature to laminated tubes which provides excellent seal properties. The new generation of tubes also provides protection against ultraviolet radiation and ensures that the product gets to you free of contamination. 

This is my laminated tubes are used for packaging in so many industries and are slowly increasing their production in all sectors, especially the cosmetics sector as they have many positive factors. You can buy tubes from Laminated Tube manufacturers.

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