Useful Tips on Troubleshooting Gear Shift Issues


Not able to change the gears of your car smoothly? Here are some useful tips on troubleshooting your gearbox issues.

We all know, a vehicle can run smooth only with the shift of gears, in accordance to the speed and surface on which it is going through. Irrespective of what kind of transmission your vehicle is equipped with, like if it is manual, automatic or CVT, it must be able to change the gears swiftly and smoothly as you drive through different conditions.

If your gear is stuck or the transmission is not able to come out of the parking state, then needless to say, that you can’t drive the car, and the problem has to be addressed immediately.

The cause behind such transmission issues can vary depending upon the other symptoms it exhibits. So we would share with you about these causes and probabilities that we have gathered from experts of the center of Buick GMC service near Idaho Falls.

Common Causes Behind Such Transmission Issues

We are listing here the most commonly found reasons behind such gear failures:

Low Transmission Fluid

In both the manual and automatic transmissions, the system requires a special kind of fluid to operate, that must be filled to a certain level. If the fluid level goes down, it may result into a stiffness in the gears because of which you might find it difficult to change. Moreover, a low lying transmission fluid can also cause serious damage to the transmission system itself. If you fill it back to its optimum level, it will most likely solve the issue. You will be able to shift the gears again smoothly.

Low Fluid Level in Master Cylinder

A car with a stick shift will have a hydraulic clutch, which needs a good flow of fluid to make the clutch master cylinder work. If the fluid level lowers down than usual, it will damage the system and make gear change not only difficult but also impossible at times. On most cases any leakage in the transmission system can drain out the transmission fluid, causing this kind of impairment.

Disconnected Clutch Cable

In case of a cable-operated clutch, a disconnected cable can make the gearbox behave odd. If you see the clutch pedal going unusually close to the floor without the clutch being engaged, it is a sure sign of a disconnected clutch cable.

Faulty Sequencers

If you are facing difficulty to shift the gear into the next sequential one, and along with it you hear a grinding sound with every attempt of gear shift, chances are there that the sequencers got damagedsomehow. In such cases, you don’t have any other option than taking the help of a professional who can diagnose the problem only after few tests, including a drive. The mechanic will most probably start the diagnosis process by decoding the codes that the car’s computer will generate and display through the OBD II connection that is usually found under the dashboard.

In any of these cases, the mechanical team who offer Buick GMC service near Idaho Falls suggest all the car users to consult a certified mechanic to address the issues related to the transmission.

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