Trendy printing techniques use for Makeup Packaging


The sole purpose of printing your packaging is to make it more attractive and eye-catchy for the customers. That is why the manufacturers look for different and versatile options when it comes to the printing of makeup box. It is quite important to leave a memorable impression on the customers with your printing so that you can earn their confidence in your brand. With the advancement in technology, there are multiple different printing technique options available to you. All of these methods possess some unique features, and you can select the one depending upon your business’s need. Look at the following guide to better understand each trendy printing method’s significance for your makeup packages.

Digital printing:

This is one of the most common and innovative methods for printing the makeup packaging elegantly. It is most suitable when you want to design your packaging with a mixture of different colors. This option will avoid the need for plates and lamination because it prints the design directly onto the corrugated cardboard. The reason behind this is that it uses a full-spectrum CMYK to print the final design. It uses some extraordinary machines that can produce better results at much cheaper rates. However, it is not the perfect solution when there are large color blocks as the colors will slightly appear off, and some white lines may appear, which causes imperfections in the design. When employing this option, make sure the material is not wet because, in this process, the ink cannot stay with the moisture.


  • This option proves much cheaper as compared to the other methods as it can imprint high-class graphics without the need to use expensive inks.
  • It allows you to fine-tune your packaging, which will be useful in observing the various designs and come up with a good design.

Offset printing:

Printing the right designs and that too in an elegant manner is a matter of great concern for the manufacturers. Offset printing, also called lithographic printing, is significant in this regard. This option provides you with a variety of features that will help improve your makeup packaging boxes’ visibility. This method involves making a design on paper, which is then laminated onto a corrugated board. This board is then cut according to the dimensions of the packaging. High-quality lithography machines are used in this process, which contains rollers. These rollers are used to impress the detailed graphics and multiple colors onto the sheets and help in firmly sticking the inks. In this method, the need for the plates will increase with the increase in the colors you opt for designing.


  • Multi-color printing is possible through this method, and it proves cost-effective when you are printing the makeup packages in large quantities.
  • This method is suitable for printing even rough surfaces.

Hot foil stamping:

The manufacturers wanting to add a luxurious and premium touch to their makeup packages should opt for this printing method. This is because it makes your box’s surface highly visible, bright, and shiny, which adds to the value of the cosmetic items inside. It produces an effect that looks like gold and conveys the premium nature of your packaging. It can also produce this luxurious look and effect in many other colors such as black, copper, silver, and white. Using this option to print your makeup boxes will make them look eye-catchy and attractive, which will be hard to be ignored by the customers. This method is known for making plain and ordinary packaging exclusive and creative.


  • This method can complement other printing methods as well. You can use foil stamping along with embossing and debossing to produce a 3D look of your packaging.
  • Employing this method for printing your makeup packages will make them look expensive and premium.

Flexographic printing:

The Flexographic printing technique is also known as the modern version of the letterpress. It is known for its feature of drying the inks in no time. As compared to the offset method, it uses flexible printing plates. To print some continuous patterns, this method is a good choice. Yet, this can only be used for imprinting graphics and colors within a limited variety of colors. This option can prove very useful for designs that include one or two colors or are text-based. Not only that, but it is also cost-effective, particularly for larger volume projects.


  • This method is suitable for every kind of material and is cost-savvy.
  • This process is time-saving as it can print the design at a very high speed and the inks dry quickly.

Silkscreen printing:

The companies that manufacture the makeup packages in bulk need suitable printing options to spread the word about their products in the market. Silkscreen printing can benefit them in this regard as it gives the packaging a more sophisticated look. This type of method uses a screen mesh that is used for transferring different textures, patterns, and graphics on the product. This method is the best for high-quality printing designs, particularly on surfaces that are oddly shaped. This option is only suitable for large volume projects as it is highly labor-intensive. If you are opting for a low volume project, it will prove very costly to you.


  • In this process, the ink firmly attaches to the surface and does not fade away easily.
  • The graphics with eye-catchy colors can be printed through this technique, which instantly captures people’s heed.

To sum up, imprinting your makeup box with a suitable printing technique is a matter of great concern as it can make or break your business. Choosing the best method for your packaging may sound like a daunting task, but it will assure you a reward by growing your company’s sales. Digital printing can be the best choice in case your budget is minimal. However, for larger volume projects, the offset and flexographic method may prove useful.

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