Topmost His And Her Nerdy Wedding Rings You Will Ever Find


There is a dramatic rise in the number of self-confessed nerds now using nerdy wedding rings for their wedding. If you and your spouse-to-be happen to be nerdy kindred spirits, you should seek ways of celebrating that amazing part of your relationship as you plan your wedding. Embrace your endearing nerdiness and check the following favourite and top nerdy matching wedding rings out.

  1. DNA rings

Every individual is certainly about personalized matching wedding bands that completely capture your personal style. But no one could have predicted the latest sci-fi spin; fossilized DNA getting embedded in matching wedding rings. Just send a swab of saliva you’ve collected from your sweetheart to the Swiss firm that makes them. And they will convert the DNA into the powdered substance to be placed in a diamond and silver ring.

  1. Harry Porter rings

In Quidditch’s magical game, the seeker attempts to catch the elusive and beautiful golden snitch to end the game by winning. Show the entire world how you precisely feel about your partner by using a golden snitch on your set of matching wedding rings.

  1. Star Trek rings

If you are attempting to get a means of integrating ‘live long and prosper’ into the wedding vows, then you are maybe the most ideal couple to rock a set of Star Trek-inspired matching wedding rings.

  1. Star Wars rings

‘I love you’; ‘I know’; you could actually capture this classic moment that occurred between Han and Leia when ordering your matching nerdy wedding rings online. Order a personalized set of rings (with each of them featuring the ‘Death star’) using rubies, sterling silver, as well as sapphires.

  1. Binary rings

Techie couples will certainly swoon for a set of matching wedding bands that are stamped with a binary code. Personalize the gold bands with a message that’s quite meaningful but which can be understood by just the two of you.

  1. Fingerprint rings

Embrace your unity as well as your individuality with a set of matching fingerprint wedding rings. These handcrafted rings utilize wax casting to produce an imprint of your fingerprints on a platinum, gold, or palladium band.

  1. Video game rings

As the first player, have you gotten the second player yet? Celebrate the biggest day of your geeky life with amazing matching gamer wedding bands.

  1. Game of Thrones rings

‘My sun and stars, the moon of my life’; you can always reproduce Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen’s passion – and highlight your real passion for Game of Thrones for the whole world to see – with a set of handmade matching his and hers wedding bands.

  1. Stackable orbit rings

Show your bride-to-be that your individual worlds actually share one and the same orbit. Simple yet beautiful stacking rings – every one of them having its own tiny planet – are fused together to produce one amazingly beautiful ring.

These are the topmost options that are available for you to choose from when it comes to his and her’s nerdy wedding rings. Just go through the list offered here, compare the options to determine the one that’s most suitable for your geeky side, then go on to order for it.

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