Top Things Club DJs Can Learn From Mobile DJs

Success in the Melbourne DJs industry in Australia doesn’t solely depend on talent. Most people don’t look for skills when hiring a DJ. Learning to market and promote yourself is very important for DJs. Apart from marketing, here are other things that club DJs can learn from mobile DJs.

Have a professional website

A lot of bar DJs and club DJs in Australia have one Facebook page with little or no information about their services. Some don’t even have images of them in action. Club DJs should hire a professional photographer to shoot some professional photos. If you are a club DJ, you need photos of yourself playing at one of your club residencies

Next, you should have a professional website where Aussie people can see what you do. You also need to give people your contact information and tell them what you do.

Have your own gear

When looking for a Melbourne DJ hire in Australia, most clients look for a DJ that has his own gear. Most club DJs rely on the club’s gear. They don’t see the need for investing in their own gear. It is important to have gig basics like flight cases for your kit, microphone and other essentials. You might get a club or a gig where you are required to come with your own gear. Also, you get free to experiment with your own gear than someone else’s gear.

Show up early

Every club set up in Australia is different. However, club Melbourne DJs are used to coming to a gig on time and not before time. Showing up early gives you ample time to prepare and test whether everything is working. It is true that most clubs maintain their equipment and test them before a gig. But you should save yourself from some embarrassment by coming early to test the equipment to ensure that everything is working fine.

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