Top Reasons Why Skull Jewellery Actually Works For Both Men And Women


Skull jewellery, such as women’s skull ring, has been around for several decades, and right from the start of the 21st century, it has appeared consistently in both men’s as well as women’s fashion.

Who can actually rock skull jewellery?

Who actually appears great in this type of jewellery? Maybe, needless to say, it’s bikers, rock stars, and of course, you. But is it appropriate for ladies? Several ladies have admitted to gifting skulls to their men. But the most interesting part is that they also admitted to collecting them for themselves and finding them quite beautiful. You might have read varying articles online showcasing badass celebrities that rock this kind of jewellery, all of whom will be men, but several and varying female celebrities have also been seen showing off skulls as fashion accessories. Several famous female celebrities have certainly been caught by glamour industry photographers flaunting one form of skull jewellery or the other.

Why both men and women use skull jewellery

Traditionally, it was warriors that wore skulls as a sign of strength and power so they can intimidate their opponents, and inspire themselves to victory. During the 15th century, individuals started wearing any items that reminded them of their own mortality – including skeletons and skulls – inventing what came to be called ‘memento mori’. Translated, the term means ‘don’t forget that you must die’.

In these modern times that we now live in people seem to order both men’s and women’s skull rings online to evoke these very same feelings of mortality and power. But in the present era of celebrities of visual media, starting with rock stars, skull fashion has actually been brought to the masses. Ladies are seizing skull fashion and making it their own.

Ladies that use skulls might choose to do so for reasons similar to those of men. They might look to exude a sense of edge or power, or they could desire it for a little whimsy in their outfit. Skull jewellery has turned into a component of several subgroups like Goth, rock, punk, steampunk, and presently frequents high fashion. Both men, as well as women, could fearlessly wear skull jewellery as an expression that’s all their irrespective of labels. Do what you love and screw the system.


Ladies wear varying skull items like;

  • Necklaces: Women always desire to wear their skull necklaces on particular trends with a chain that’s extra long. Remember that a lady’s chain is much finer than a man’s conventional biker chain.
  • Rings: Not only do these rings appear darn cute as tough guy rings on a lady’s elegant little fingers, but they also display her spunky spirit which men love quite much.
  • Cuffs: Due to their small wrists, smart ladies rock cuffs on their biceps to improvise a Greek or Egyptian armband and it’s completely hot.

Skull jewellery, such as women’s skull ring, can actually work for both the ladies as well as the guys. You understand that you the man can carry it off as a biker stud, but how a sexy woman can actually magically pull off virtually any skull fashion will leave you truly amazed.

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