Top Methods Experts Use for Disruption Assessment in Construction


Delays are an inevitable part of the construction process. Similarly, disruption is also an inevitable part of construction projects. While both of the terms are confused with being the same, there is a distinct contrast between them. Delays hinder the completion of the project on time. However, disruptions specifically impact the quality of work, which can extend to delay in project completion.

The parties involved in the construction project can file for disruption claims and ask for a significant amount. However, before finalizing the decision, disruption assessment is essential to be sure of the grounds of claims and resolve them. Having the busiest construction industry exposes UAE to a number of such issues.

Parties involved in construction projects often seek the services of construction claims consultants in Dubai for the smooth identification and resolution of their claim issues. They rely on the experts who use a number of methods for the solution of the problem.

This article will discuss top methods experts use for disruption assessment in construction.

Top 4 Methods Experts Use for Disruption Assessment

Disruption can occur due to the unavailability of material, or poor quality, lack of workforce, unproductivity of workforce, and numerous other reasons. The involved parties try to put the blame on each other, which gives rise to disruption claims. However, the experts have the responsibility of identifying the causes and resolving the situation.

The following are the top methods experts use for disruption assessment.

1.      Measured Mile Approach

The measured mile approach is the very first method expert uses in disruption assessment. By using this method, the experts compare the progress and performance of work during a good period and the bad period. They check the pace of the project as well as the number of other factors related to project completion. After that, they utilize all the information to identify the causes and responsible parties.

2.      Earned Value Analysis

The second method of expert use for disruption assessment is earned value analysis. Through the application of this method, the experts make a comparison of the planned and actual performance of a specific time to the same of the good time. By the comparison, they asses the strategies and functionality used in the project and its impact and uncover the issues which contributed to disruption.

3.      Modified Total Cost Analysis

Modified total cost analysis is another important method experts utilize in disruption assessment. By the application of this method, the experts pay attention to the cost of damages and analyze if it was rightly charged or not. Moreover, they also check if the bids were placed rightly or not and have a role in the disruption.

4.      Productivity Factors

The last method experts utilize for disruption assessment is productivity factors.  By the application of this method, the experts focus on the productivity of the project. This method is most commonly used when the parties had no control over the disruption factors. The experts asses the damages and provide strategies for their smart solution.


Facing issues due to disruption in your project?

Well, solving the disruption issues on your own can put you in a critical position. You will not be able to resolve the disruption claims on your own. So, the best option is to rely on the experts and get a smooth solution for all your construction and claim issues.

You can hire the services of Asphalt paving Contractor construction claim consultants in Dubai and get the strategies to ensure timely completion of your project, along with the resolution of disruptions and related claims. So, consult the experts without waiting for the situation to get any worse.

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