Top 10 Stores to Order Custom Made Wrestling Belts in USA


Wrestling is a professional combat sport played by professional wrestlers in the USA. Where people enjoy this game by viewing, it is dangerous for the wrestlers. They put their lives at risk because any serious injury might lead to death. At winning games, wrestlers are awarded championship belts which portray their victory and appreciation. The materials used to make these championship belts are not easily available in the market, this is the reason these belts are sold at expensive rates.

 As the online business has emerged in all fields of life, making custom-made wrestling belts also the business has taken place online. In the USA, now there are companies that work at making wrestling belts at custom orders and also people can order belts from their websites. There are two things that a WWE belt maker has to keep in mind, the belts should be made with accurate materials and secondly, the information written on these belts should be correct. As they have to go with the wrestlers. These belts determine the wrestler’s hard work.

When online businesses took place, there was no such trend of having custom orders as well. What was displayed in the stores, people only had to order from those options. With the passage of time, people got more options when custom/personalization orders came into their hands. They got the opportunity to have those things in their hands that were in their imagination. Likewise is the case of wrestling belts.

There are multiple companies and manufacturers of wrestling belts in the USA. But in today’s blog, we have brought amazing top ten stores that provide belts at custom orders along with exclusive discounts.

So, yes everyone has got a chance with these stores to get their choice of wrestling belt.

Championship Belt Makers

Championship Belt makers are the best online store in the USA that makes custom-made wrestling belts with an exclusive 20% discount. Apart from the discount, their belts are already on sale. Their belts are designed in a way that WWE belt maker would always want to have in the belts. Wrestling belts are available in all shapes and sizes at their store with standard shipping rates of $99 only.


Rudis provides wrestling belts for both men and women. If you place the order with them for the first time, on the second order you will receive a 10% discount. They have set teams for different purposes such as custom order taking team would call the client and finalize with them, after that a proof sample is sent to confirm from the client and lastly final product is delivered.

Trophy Smack

Trophy Smack wrestling belts are made up of 6 lbs. solid metal. They provide free shipping. At Trophy Smack, the customers have the option to customize their belts and bring their imagination to the final product in their hands. Their belts are available at affordable prices.

Undisputed Belts

Undisputed Belts put their manufacturing skills to work and bring championship belts with high-quality materials at a lower price. Compared to other stores, their prices are low, and they offer fast delivery services. They make custom championship belts for all sorts of events whether they are small or covered at huge places.

ProAm Belts

Program Belts have a superb collection of championship belts at affordable prices. Their prices are already at discounted rates but still, they are providing exclusive sales on all types of belts. Their return policy is also flexible; they take orders at wholesale and bulk as well.

Wildcat Belts

Wildcat offers the best collection of championship belts for both genders. Their quality is satisfying, and they provide fast delivery services too. The best part of Wildcats is they adjust belts according to the client’s budget.

As we all are well aware of the Amazon store. It is a huge store serving customers in all parts of the world. It is the best place for buyers and sellers. At this huge store, customers can find anything at reasonable prices. Championship belts are available on Amazon for discounted prices. They have a wide range of collections from 3000+ for customers to choose from for championship belts.

Top Rope Belts

Top Rope Belts delivers championship belts all over the USA. They are based in North Carolina. The huge collection of hand-crafted belts at low prices. They provide 100% custom orders with accurate designs and what customers look for. Customers feel proud at placing orders at Top Rope because of their satisfying outcomes.

Arm Championship Belts

Arm Championship has a professional team that works in the premium quality wrestling belt making. Their quality is trusted. Their belts add value to the customer’s success. They provide belts in all shapes and sizes at affordable prices.

Tom Taylor Buckets

Lastly, Tom Taylor Buckets is the best company in the USA providing championship belts. They give the best price for custom belts and unique designs for the winners. It is the best place if one wants quick services in no less time.

Why Championship Belt Makers

Lastly, to conclude, we would prefer the newcomers to try Championship belt makers as they offer custom-made wrestling belts at a 20% discount. These belts are not ones that can be easily purchased, so their discount makes them affordable for all. They design custom belts just the way a WWE belt maker is supposed to perform its job. Their belts are classy, elegant, and at low prices. 

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