This Is How Important Trucking and Logistics Services to any Community


Commercial trucks are among the agents of progress in Australia. These heavy vehicles’ role is vital since they make the day-to-day life of Australians much easier and more convenient. Delivery of goods and products, logistics solutions, business relocation services, and hauling – these are just some of the countless roles that commercial trucks do every single day. However, the importance of commercial trucks to the society is commonly shadowed and clouded by truck accidents.

Truck accidents are not uncommon throughout Australia as suggested by the data of the Department of Infrastructure and Transport. According to department’s report, during the 12 months to the end of December 2012 at least 256 people were killed as a result of 219 fatal crashes involving large trucks and/or buses. The data furthered that among the 256 people dead, at least 148 were victims of articulated truck accidents, and 98 fatalities were caused by heavy rigid truck accidents.

Trucking and Logistics ServicesIf you are a commercial truck driver or an ordinary motorist, it is a must that you know how to act accordingly to an accident in order for you to save yourself from further injuries and inconvenience. The following are simple but effective tips on how to act after a truck accident:

  • Get medical attention immediately – No matter how minor your injuries may seem it is vital to have them checked. There are injuries that may seem minor but are really life-altering. In order to avoid any further injuries, you must have your injuries checked by a physician.
  • Get the other driver’s information – Do not forget to get the truck driver’s information, such as his name, and his company’s name and contact information. These details are vital when pursuing an insurance claim.
  • Report the incident to the police – Right after the accident call the authorities to notify them about the accident for them to properly document the incident.
  • Take photos of the accident scene – If you have a camera or a cell phone camera with you, it is advisable to take photos of your vehicle, the truck, skid marks, and other elements that would show details of the accident.

Trucking companies must make sure that their drivers are not in harm’s way when they are on duty. In order for trucking company owners or employers to avoid legal liabilities due to accidents, they are advised to perform the following:

Always check the trucks for repairs – Properly maintained trucks are less likely to be involved in road accidents because all of their functions and safety features are working fine. Always have a mechanic check the trucks to determine if they would to undergo repair.

Mind truckers’ health – As per Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s findings, driver fatigue is one of the prevailing causes of truck accidents in the country. Make sure to be considerate about your employees’ health to spare them from fatigue and exhaustion due to driving.

Invest on vehicle tracking systems – GPS systems on commercial trucks are becoming common in Australia. These systems would help your company’s turnaround time, dispatching, locating vehicles, and more. Also, it would help your truckers to be mindful and careful of their actions as you can easily monitor them if they are doing anything that would compromise your business.

Truck accidents can be reduced in Australian roads if both motorists and truckers know how to act accordingly. For trucking companies, especially those that provide business relocation services, they must do all necessary measures to prevent their drivers from committing errors that could lead to road accidents. In a nutshell, trucking business employers can prevent accidents by effectively monitoring their drivers, and due to technological innovations, this could be easily done.

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