Things you need to know when buying a river resin table


Lately, we have been hearing a lot about epoxy resin table. Resin tables have been blowing up everywhere because of their incredible beauty. This customized furniture looks great with any style your interior has. Now if we talk about its design, it’s never the same. It does not have any set parameters, but it always shows cast clear or dyed resin in between the wood pieces.

It gives an illusion that water is flowing between, so it’s called a river table. The river resin table can be customized. You can pour resin between the two pieces of wood to combine them or use an entire piece in resin. The wood used can be taken of your choice like walnut, oak, ash etc. Also, the resin can be dyed in any colour plus you can add elements like shells, glitters etc. So, if you are interested, know some of the following points before anything:

  • A piece of art- If you think, all the pieces are the same, well it will not be. Consider these as a piece of art rather than furniture. Just like art, all resin tables have their own design, and every piece looks great. Each piece has its own character which will match your home.
  • Any colour and design- The resin table can be customized in any colour and shape. You can go for tinted resin with elements like shells, glitter etc. Also, you can choose any shape which suits your place like round, oval, rectangle etc.
  • Table base- Every part of this can be customized, even the legs. You can opt for thin steel legs, a wide base (metal or wood), etc. Depending on the size of the table, choose any. A wooden leg base is the most preferred choice among customers.
  • Sitting- Depending upon how much sitting you need, decide the size of the resin table. If you want more sitting, a rectangle shape is recommended.

So above are some points you should think about while buying a river table. You can easily find the best epoxy resin furniture suppliers online.

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