Things That Show Your Fancy Costume Looks Cheap

Fancy dress costumes can be spectacular sometimes but no one wants a costume that looks cheap. You can get a fancy costume and dress it in a style to look expensive. On the other hand, you can get an expensive fancy costume but when you wear it, it will look very cheap. Here are some ways to tell if your costume looks cheap.

It is so bright

There are many things that can make your costume to look classy. You can use shiny gold ornaments to make it look classy. You can also use some expensive shoes to make it look classy but you should never use costumes that are too bright. They will make your costume look cheap. For instance, high-quality leather doesn’t look so bright but cheap leather is so bright and shiny. Exceptions depend on the quality of fancy dress costumes Australia and the skin tone. If you don’t want to look cheap, you can go for lighter colours such as white, muted colours or darker jewel tones.

Bad jewellery

You can get a very expensive costume but if your choice for jewellery is poor your costume can end up looking cheap. The big jewelled necklines will make you look old and will also make your dress to look much less versatile. To be on the safe side, make the necklines of your fancy costumes simple. The big necklaces won’t look good on your fancy costumes.

It looks like two different costumes joined together

When you buy fancy dress costumes, make sure that there is a sense of continuity. Don’t choose bright colours for the top and dull colours for the bottom. This will look like you took two different costumes and joined them together. There should be a good relationship and resemblance between the skirt and the top.

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