The Most Sensible Reasons For Installing Solar Panels

The benefits of solar panels for your home outweigh the costs. Since solar panels were introduced, their popularity has increased significantly. In the year 2015, the installation of solar panels increased by 70 percent. Here are some reasons why you should install solar panels.

Save money

On average, solar array costs $15000. This may seem too expensive but on average, customers save $60 every month the first year they install their own panels. This means you can save up to $2,200 in a single year. In short, it is expensive to install solar panels but the system will pay for itself in the first five years of installation. You will also continue to save money over the years to come.

Investing in your home

A house that has a solar system is valued higher than a house that doesn’t have a solar system. So why install solar panels for your home when you plan to sell the home? The main reason why you should install solar panels on a house you plan to sell is that you increase the value of the home by at least 25%. Buyers get attracted to a home that has a solar system and they are willing to pay more money for it.

Saving the environment

You can offset 178 tons of CO2 in 30 years by just installing a single solar system. This is equivalent to planting trees in 10 football fields. Sources of energy such as petrol and coal have already caused enough damage to the environment and it is time we start saving the environment by installing solar panels.

Energy security

Installing solar panels for your home gives you sufficient and reliable energy. Generators can fail and fossil fuels such as coal can run out. The sun will always be there and you can always rely on it.

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