The Major Difference Between Promise Rings And Engagement Rings

There are no better means of showing your partner love and affection than by using a symbolic, beautiful ring like the Pokeball engagement ring. There are two main ring types of rings to gift to romantic partners; an engagement ring or a promise ring. But what is the difference between the two? When should your partner get any of them? Here is all you need to know.


What promise rings mean

Promise rings are given in romantic relationships. Offering this ring to your significant other could signify any of several things that include;

  • The promise of marriage: If you are sure of marrying your significant other one day, you could offer this ring as a way of showing your intentions. The ring says you are envisioning a future with your partner but not ready for engagement.
  • Monogamy: Some individuals give their partners this ring to signify full commitment in a monogamous relationship to them.
  • Abstinence: Couples that have made a decision of being abstinent can gift this ring to one another as a symbol of waiting till they are married.


What engagement rings mean

Compared to promise rings that could signify several things, engagement rings have just one. An engagement ring is a symbolic means of proposing marriage to your significant other. If the partner agrees, the ring goes on their left hand’s ring finger (or in some cultures, the right) and will signify the fact that you are now engaged to be married. Once you buy a ring like the Pokeball engagement ring online and give it to someone, then it’s time you tell your family and friends that you are going to get married and then start your wedding planning process.


What’s the difference between engagement rings and promise rings?

While the majority of engagement rings normally traditionally feature diamonds, promise rings are frequently less elaborate, featuring plain bands. As promise rings have progressively grown in popularity, the variety of offered designs has also expanded correspondingly. Engraved promise rings bearing commitment messages are now quite popular, particularly with the progressive rise of custom-made rings. The ability to now customize rings has made it quite easy to make your promise rings as personal as you would like them to be.


If you are gifting a promise ring to your significant other, though, it is quite crucial that you should make your intentions quite clear. This is particularly true when the ring features a diamond. As giving your partner a diamond ring is normally associated to giving a marriage proposal, you must make it clear if you are giving the ring just as a promise ring, otherwise, the significant other you are giving it to might feel disappointed or mislead. You should also plan with the intention of spending more on engagement rings than on promise rings. This is because engagement rings signify a commitment that will last your whole lifetime.


Offering the gift of a ring like the Pokeball engagement ring or a promise ring is truly a beautiful gesture, but you must ensure that you know the difference between them before deciding to gift any among them to a significant other or a friend.

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