The Importance of PPC Advertising Campaign in Marketing


It’s 2020 and still, so many small businesses underestimate the benefits of PPC. Convincing someone to choose Cox Internet Preferred 150 is easier than convincing them to give PCC marketing a shot. Trust me, I have tried this with many of my clients who reach out to me for SEO consultancy. They immediately agree to change their ISP but are very rigid when it comes to setting up a budget for PPC. FYI, there are plenty of powerful reasons to use PPC advertising. It has many major and minor positive impacts on a business.

Here are some convincing benefits of this type of advertising

1: It Puts You in Control

PPC puts you control of a range of options in regards to how you can reach out to potential customers. Starting from keyword placement to choosing your target audience and setting up a budget.

If you see positive results, go ahead and scale up your budget immediately. And whenever you want to pause the campaign, just stop the ad right away. This type of control and flexibility is not available in other marketing campaigns.

Another great control is choosing where you want to position your ad. Even when the ads are live and running, you may tweak them and test new things.

2: It’s Easy to Measure

Measuring and tracking your campaigns is a piece of cake. This is done using Google Analytics in combination with Google Ads.

The dashboard shows everything you need to know for measuring the outcome of a campaign. This includes impressions, clicks, and conversations. Knowing what kind of traffic the campaigns are driving is a blessing. Because you get to see what’s working for you and what’s not and make alternations from there.

Many times, a PPC campaign is used to send traffic to a dedicated landing place. Using Google Analytics, it’s easy to track the campaign and determine if your goals are met. No other type of marketing channel offers such comprehensive tracking.

3: Perfect Way to Reach Ideal Customers

With PPC, you are targeting your ads directly to the people who are your target or potential customers.  For this, you perform keyword research. You get to determine which keywords exactly your customers search when they are looking for information about your product/service.

Another great quality of PPC is it lets you target ads to users based on certain characteristics like interests, demographics, online activities, etc. Using “remarketing” you can serve an ad to visitors who came to your site but did not make a purchase.

4: A Way to Test the Product Before Launch

Do you have a product or two you would like to test before the launch? PPC has your back! It lets you know in advance whether or not the product will sell. All you have to do is run a campaign on Google Ads, aim to get one thousand targeted visits, and then measure the results.

The money spent now will save you from future failures. If you don’t test and optimize the product/service before launching, you will be wasting time and resources.

This could even work for testing a revamped website. Your designer and developer might consider the site user-friendly and ready to convert but running a PPC campaign will tell you the truth really.

5: You Pay “Per Click” Only

In the Cost Per Impression model, you are paying for exposure, not an action. However, with PPC marketing, you only pay when the customer clicks the ad and redirects to your site/landing page.

Also, in CPM marketing, you pay based on the number of people who see your ad. Then comes putting time and energy in designing the ad copy to ensure the ad converts.  In PPC, you pay when the potential customer clicks on the ad. This gives you more time to focus on optimizing your site and increasing the chances of getting leads.

6: More Web Traffic and Sales

Anyone who has worked on the SEO of their site would agree to generate a steady stream of organic traffic and driving sales is no child’s play. It takes a lot of time for organic SEO to work. If you can’t wait for people to find your business, PPC is for you. This form of advertising gives you first-page exposure and that too within a day.

Traffic starts flowing to your website the very next day of making the campaign live. The best part is only those target audiences land on your site who are actually want to buy something.

Final Words

Are you willing to miss these opportunities by not opting for PPC advertising? Any business owner struggling to increase sales should NOT take this risk.

If you are ready to leverage PPC, the next step is to find an expert agency to help you set up the campaign. Make sure they offer support similar to other good service providers like Cox Customer Care especially if it’s your first time and you don’t know much about this form of advertising.

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