The Heavy Duty Vehicle Parts Which Are Critical To Check Before Travelling


Before travelling, it’s quite advisable to first check your truck and trailer parts in Perth. Owning a trucking firm or being a truck driver can be accompanied by several undesired concerns and issues. This is due to the hazards that are associated to heavy vehicles. They are hazardous and you must take great care when driving any. That’s why it’s recommended to always check yours every time before travelling, particularly if you frequently cover long distances. This article offers a rundown of parts you have to check before hitting the road.

Perform a service check

Take a look to know when the last time your truck had a full maintenance service was. It’s excellent if it was done just recently, but if it will be due within your next 1000 kilometres, then it is more advisable that you should book it in for a service before taking it out onto the road for a long haul. You certainly will not want your service to become due while you are in the midst of a long journey as you could just reach the end of a specific truck part that needs replacement.

Change your oil as well as oil filter

Check your oil as well as oil filter before you embark on any journey as this is a critical feature that affects the smooth running of any truck. In fact, it could leave you stranded midway into your journey says a foremost supplier of truck and trailer parts in Perth, WA. For a truck that journeys frequently, it’s recommended to replace the oil filter frequently; at around every 500 kilometres. Trucks are heavy duty vehicles and they utilise their oil a lot which then goes on to quickly exhaust their oil filters.

Check your tires

Check the tires you have on your trailer or truck. If the thread on the tires has gone low, then have them replaced immediately. You can’t use smooth tires on your truck particularly if you are intending to travel a long distance. Having excellent tires on your truck is critical to avoiding the occurrence of accidents because trucks are prone to sliding and slippery conditions; a lot more so than small cars. Also, you should check your tires for any punctures or damages that might be on them. If you should notice any among these, then make sure that you replace the affected tire immediately. Do not try to fix a puncture on your truck as it might not last particularly if you are planning on conveying a large load.

Check your wiper blades

This can seem to be trivial, but in raining conditions, drivers need to be capable of seeing ahead very clearly. If you are in any doubt, then change your wiper blades as well as their inserts. Otherwise, always have spare blades with you on any trip.

Before you use your vehicle to embark on any journey, particularly if it is a long journey, then make sure that you check these truck and trailer parts Perth. The little time and effort you invest into such checks could mean the difference between a quick, safe arrival and being stranded.

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