The Artwork of Mazda Car Interiors


If you have closely observed any Mazda car, or have gathered the experience of riding one, you must have been smitten by the interior comfort by every means. But how Mazda ensures that level of comfort in every Mazda model? How does that interior transcend from being just a car cabin to a beautiful artwork? The experts whom we met at the Phoenix Mazda explained to us the entire process that we thought worth sharing.

Capturing the Driving Pleasure Through Design

The first thing the experts explained to us about every Mazda model interior is to create an amazing car design that can make people instinctively urge to drive the Mazda whenever they get to see it. It all starts with doodling down countless attempts of sketches, till the design achieves the perfect harmony of emotions and rationalistic ideas. But the entire process of crafting the interior is done in the pursuit of laying out a space that can enhance the driving pleasure as well as the riding comfort for each occupant who travels inside.

Purpose Behind the Shape

Mazda believes in the concept that it is every designer’s task to start a designing project with sketching down the ideas that always should have a great scope for further development. Mazda follows the aim to mesmerize any car occupant as soon as he wide opens the door. The aim is creating each and every shape reflecting the logical arrangement of functionality that confirms the KODO philosophy of Mazda.

At Mazda, it is believed that beauty is an essential element whenever any design is created and developed. Saying that they mean that Mazda designers will always be devoted to the philosophy of aesthetic form.

The Role of Lighting

The adjustment Lighting is another important aspect in the process of bringing out the ultimate beauty of the interior shapes and forms. It is the magic of light and shade and making things visible and hidden that finally makes the impact of a lovable interior cabin.

Meticulous Detailing

Mazda never loses its focus on making cars that are driver-centric. Hence the entire process of designing the interior, is to sketch a layout that will not only make the driver feel at ease and comfort, but also push his urge to drive a Mazda to experience the thrill and excitement of driving. To invoke this feeling in each driving enthusiast, Mazda envelopes the driver in a cloud of comfort whenever one sits behind the wheels.

At the Mazda dealership near Phoenix, we were shown how this detailing also includes the position of the lighting near and around the driver, starting from door foot to the ABC (Accelerator, Brake, Clutch) pedals. These are details that are unexpected to be found in other cars.

Perfect Medley of Brilliant Ideas and Technology

Mazda interiors can be described as the perfect medley of brilliant ideas that incorporate the efficiencies and capabilities of the modern technologies. Each Mazda model hence starts with the designer’s passion that fuels the team with a wholesome inspiration of creating beauty to capture the hearts of people.

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