Take LHE to JFK Flights to Do These Best Things in New York


Take LHE to JFK flights to be the part of New York, which is the forefront of finance, western art, food, entertainment, and fashion. Now you can become sweet and obscure after compiling such a guide. We have a breathtaking ride through a city that has caught fire in the minds of people all over the world, so let’s see what you can do in New York.

Visit the Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty

It would be absurd to go to New York and not visit the Statue of Liberty. This is the symbol of the city, actually the symbol of the United States. It inspired so many immigrants seeking a better life. It is a common starting point to visit the Statue of Liberty in Battery Park, from where the Statue ferry leaves. As it approaches, the views of the Statue and Manhattan are impressive.

There you can reach the pedestal to visit the museum and learn the history of the statue. A proper visit to the Statue of Liberty generally takes on Ellis Island to visit the museum. A guided tour is actually a good idea and one of the best things to do in New York.

If you fantasize about this place, then you can take Qatar Airways tickets to reach JFK airport as well.

Visit Rockefeller Center

The proportions of this vertical complex in Midtown are unbelievable, especially when we remember that it was built throughout the Great Depression. The Rockefeller Center consists of 19 buildings, divided by a sunken central plaza, all commissioned by the Rockefeller family, who first made money from the oil industry.

We’ll talk about the Top of Rock observatory and Radio City below, but there are a lot of street-level things at Rockefeller Center that you saw many times in the movies. You have the statue of Atlas in front of St. Patrick’s on the other side of Fifth Avenue, Prometheus on the west side of the famous sunken square, and a majestic accompaniment to the beloved ice rink and Christmas tree.

Go to Times Square

One of the classiest things to do in New York City is visiting Times Square. Indeed, nothing screams more than Times Square. We’ve all seen it a million times: during the New Year’s Eve celebrations and every day in the news when the stock market is mentioned.

In fact, there is no way to get around Times Square as it is the heart of downtown Manhattan close to Grand Central Terminal, Madison Square Garden, etc. However, watching it personally is an entirely different experience.

It’s a bit overwhelming bright, and shiny. Take your LHE to JFK flights to visit Times Square because it really deserves a visit. Watching Times Square is simply a must.

Enjoy at High Line

This railroad viaduct, crossing the west side of midtown Manhattan, belongs to the West Side Line, but was actually abandoned from 1980 until it was converted into an elevated 1.45mile-long line park.
The gardens were designed by Dutch landscape architect Piet Oudolf, and have a continuous concrete walkway, surrounded by concrete walls of the beds, on which grow resistant plant species that have grown in the gravel on an unused line, such as Echinacea, burning stars, and various grasses and trees.
The pedestal at 10th Avenue and 30th Street, unveiled in June 2019, is a space dedicated to the rotational series of monumental orders of modern art, starting with Brick House Simone Leigh.

Explore the Central Park

There’s nothing better than taking a walk in the park to escape the urban jungle. Well, Central Park is indeed a park, but much more too, and sightseeing is among the best free things to do in New York City. In fact, the park is enormous. From Columbus Circle, its southern border to its northern border, it is 4 km. It is 800 meters wide.

Yes, Central Park is much more than a city park. It is a tourist attraction in its own right, with some fantastic sights such as Strawberry Fields, beautiful fountain, Belvedere Castle, Gapstow Bridge, and more. Central Park is also a very romantic place to spend time with your loved one. Whenever you take your Qatar Airways tickets to New York, take your family to Central Park to explore its beauty.

Take a Ride to Staten Island Ferry

One of New York’s best free attractions, the Staten Island ferry, crosses Upper New York Bay 25 hours a day, seven days a week. This crossing is one of the last to survive the entire system of ferries, which transported people on urban waterways before building bridges.

The service, between Whitehall Street and St. George on Staten Island, is used by 22 million a year, and it takes about 25 minutes to travel five miles. As a guest, the reason you travel will become apparent when you leave Manhattan, admiring the perfect view of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.


These are some of the best things to do while you are in New York. You can take LHE to JFK flights to reach New York whenever you want and with the carrier of your choice. Make sure to do the above best things whenever you visit this magnificent place. You will enjoy yourself more than you can imagine.

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