Spruce Up the Look of Storefront Using Summer Special Themes


With the end of spring summer is approaching, it is time we switch up and get ready for fun and a happy summer holiday. However, as a retailer, are you ready for this summers’ sales? You should be ready as there is no limitation that would hinder the growth of your business apart from your unwillingness to invest in the appearance of your store. Below are ways in which you can spruce up the look of your storefront using summer special themes.

Enhance Appearance of the Door Front Using Led Lights on Shelves

LED lights are also important for they are known to add to the ambiance of the room if placed accordingly. Therefore their positioning should be chosen wisely as it would play a great role in establishing the look /style of the shop. One of the places that would perfectly feet a LED light in a store would be on glass shelves they can be used to bring to eventuate the edges of the glass since it is clear and it can’t be seen rightly. In turn, it lights up the products being sold, thus displaying them in the best way. You can also put the led lights behind your name on the frosted glass window I order to make it more visible to the people around. The color of the LED light mostly depends on the color of the wall and the colors of the tiny details of the decors, such as the chains suspending the glass shelves. This creates a good contrast between the colors and therefore adds some depth to the


Transparent Glass Door as Replacement for Door

Its time you replace that wooden door with a glass door. The transformation of glass over the years is equivalent to the constant growth of the interior design market. It has evolved so much, so its use is no longer is its common use as a window. The regular glass has been molded into unique types of glass that have since revolutionized its use. One of the types of glass is Plexiglass sheets. This is known for its clear as glass high shatter resistance, whereby this translates to it not being able to break easily. This character plays great importance by acting like the only reason glass doors have replaced the wooden doors. Glass was considered to as a weak material that could be easily broken before, the best plexiglass is known to be five times stronger than the ordinary glass. All of these are contributing factors that affirm its reliability when it is used as a glass door. However, there are various types of glass doors, including, the hinged glass door, framed and unframed glass doors and final the sliding glass door. Sliding doors are the best because they save on space by the way they operate on one axis. They are also the best choice because of the sleek finish it adds to the door

Large Windows to Enhance Storefronts

Front windows should be used by retail for nothing less than to promote your business as it is the only space where you can display whatever you are selling. Therefore consider installing a large Plexiglass sheets window at this space. Plexiglass is the best fit for this space because it not only is it five times as stronger than the ordinary glass but also its resistance to breakage is so high. Therefore you can comfortably use it and don’t be worried that it might get broken accidentally, especially by kids playing around the block. The best Plexiglass sheets also allows in more light because of its large surface, therefore, making the interior to be adequately lit, this saves the use of electricity at the establishment significantly. Apart from that, it generally it creates a special connection with the outdoors by the windows acting almost like there is no barrier in between. It’s easy to clean property makes it the best idea to implement. This is an idea that would spruce up your storefront, making it look a hundred times better. However, if you already have a large glass window, please remove the stickers or anything that


Frosted Glass as Logo Design Material

Labels and logos are essential parts of the store as they are set to identify your company and what it deals in. Therefore you should find the best way to present that in none destructive way. You should first get touch with a great graphic designer who would come up with the best design of displaying your logo and name, assuming you already had a logo and a name. If not please get one done for you. After that, let the design is traced out on the frosted glass. With it done you can now place it anywhere as long as it geometrically fits the spot. By this, I mean it is well balanced, and it is not awkwardly positioned. Frosted glass is preferred as it the cleanest way to display logos and names on glass.

These are some but a few ways in which you can improve the appearance of your storefront that will attract clients over the summer holidays. Therefore, you should try them and see if they would best fit your space.

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