SEO Tips to get a better Ranking


On Page ranking factors

Some changes can be applied to the websites by means of On Page ranking factors. This can be done by

• Keywords

• Title tags

• Meta tags

• Content

• Image Alt Tags

• Header Tags

Title Tag

Title tag appears in HTML code inside the tag. It tells the user and search engine about the page. It contains keywords so it helps the search engine to determine the page. We should not duplicate the title tag. The title tag should be well descriptive. The title tag should be a maximum of 70 characters long.


Keywords can be selected based on

• Other competitor sites

• By using Google keyword tool

• Related search suggestions on top search engine

• Analyzing the website and finding out the proper keywords

Meta Tags

Meta tags looks like

• Meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword1, keyword2?

• Meta name=’description” content=”keyword with description about 150 characters”</p> <p>• Meta name=”robots” content=”no index, no follow”. This tag tells to a robot that you don’t want some of your links to be index or follow.


The content should be a high quality and unduplicated content. Search engine looks for good quality content. A fresh content will attract the visitors. The Quality content must not be a home page but it also the linked pages .Don’t put all the content in a single page. Divide the content into short paragraphs. If the site is having quality content then it will attract the visitors.

Image Alt Tags

Image optimization is more important for your website. Search engine does not crawl the images. It is crawled based on the image alt tags. Put relevant keywords can help people find your site when searching on Google Images. You can also include Descriptions for your images, making them even more useful with SEO. It is more helpful to good ranking.

Header Tags (H1)

H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. body tags are used.Generally H1 tags are important for your main page title, with subsequent headings (just like the ones I have used throughout this post) being issued H2, H3, etc. but many times h2, h3 tags are used.

Off Page Ranking Factors

The top one on the list is guest posting.

1.Directory Submission

2.Classified Ads Submission

3.RSS Submission

4.Press Release Submission

5.Social Bookmarking

6.Article Submission

7.Forum Posting

8.Comment Posting

Online Marketing

Online Marketing uses internet for advertising to deliver marketing message to customer. It Includes

• Email Marketing

• Social Media Marketing

• Referral Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) often updates algorithms to penalize the poor quality sites. It improves the website ranking related to keywords and content.

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