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Vodafone India is a telecom service provider. It has launched a new service or facility to choose your number category. In this scheme, customers can select numbers as per their desire. So, customers can avail of the scheme Vodafone choose the number and can customize their own numbers. The Vodafone stores and outlets in major cities can provide choice numbers to their customers.

Innovative business ideas

The business head of Vodafone said in a meeting that the company should adopt some innovative schemes to their customers so that clients can avail their choice numbers as per desire.  So, now, it is very easy for customers to avail Vodafone chooses numbers. The company has already declared an investment of 13,000 crores to fulfill the desirable schemes in India. It will provide the clients with the desired numbers. The innovative schemes will enhance the dimension of digital India and initiate new business in India.

How to avail the desired number

If customers desire to avail of selected numbers, they can submit the application for a request of a number in the store of Vodafone. The company will justify the request whether it is available in the store. If the number is available with the store, then the number requested by the client will be activated by the company. Now, under this scheme, the client has to select the number under some structure by the company. Vodafone selected numbers can be availed by adding numbers from the bank account number, car license number, or lucky numbers.

Customer support of Vodafone

The scheme of Vodafone chooses numbers available for both prepaid and postpaid numbers. The users in NCR and Delhi will be able to select their mobile numbers if it is available with the store. The company can offer the number under Vodafone chooses a number and with prompt action. The company will send the SIM under this scheme if it is available with the store. Online availability with the store is possible with The SIM will reach the doorstep of the customer within 2-4 hours. After availing of the SIM under the scheme; it will be activated with prompt action. The customer support of Vodafone will offer 24 x 7 services with the users. The new offers will be intimated to the customers from time to time.

Various options of best services

The Head office of Vodafone is located in Mumbai. The company offers new schemes for users across the country. Vodafone holds nearly 223 million subscribers over the country. Vodafone offers prepaid and postpaid mobile services for customers. Besides these, the company provides SMS and internet services to users. Under the scheme of Vodafone chooses numbers, the customers can select mobile numbers from their favorite numbers which may correlate with original mobile numbers. The company has extended the service for selecting their mobiles as per choice for prepaid customers. This service is available without any extra cost. Earlier, the users had to pick up a number which is available with the retail outlet. But now, the option is there to select any lucky number as per customer’s desire.  

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