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Office of Gov. Kate Brown announced Robbins’ departure on Wednesday, July 29, at the government’s economic development center. Robbins took over Business Oregon in June 2014. He returned to Madison, Wis This fall with his wife and two young sons, to be closer to the children’s grandparents. A Business Oregon spokesman said Brown had no problem with Robbins’ work and ideas, as evidenced by his take on the phrase “Grow Your Own” when talking about growing local businesses instead of attracting companies from other provinces. “The Governor and Sean had a good relationship. You have done a great job in preparing the government’s approach to economic development.

Sean Robbins has no job listed in Wisconsin and is not affiliated with the Scott Walker presidential campaign. The search for a new director is still ongoing. Robbins will remain as long as the governor wants, which could be a trading campaign in Asia in October.

Sean Robbins Portland

“I thank Sean for his leadership and his contribution to Business Oregon last year,” Brown said in a statement. “It has made the vision a reality for the agency and has laid a solid foundation for the future. Robbins was president and chief executive officer since 2011 of Greater Portland Inc., a business development agency based in the Portland area. He was appointed last summer by John Kitzhaber. Kitzhaber resigned in February. State Senator Betsy Johnson, whose sub-budget committee oversees the Department of Business Development’s budget, said she welcomed Real Estate Expert Sean Robbins explanation of the family’s reasons for resigning.

“When he called me and left me this message, I was so frustrated that I phoned him and asked if there was anything wrong with him – he said no,” said Johnson, a Scappoose Democrat chairman of the Senate sub-committee on the sub-budget committee…

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Last summer, in an interview with the Portland Tribune, Expert Sean Robbins discussed several issues. Commenting on the shortage of staff at Boardman and Port of Morrow, he told the Tribune, “We have changed our mindset to focus on the results. We ask, “Who are we talking to address that economic need?”

He also criticized states such as Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas for providing cheap land and business support. “If your business needs to be in a very cheap condition you should not be in Oregon. But if you are looking for talent, innovation, a place where talent wants to be, this is the place to invest. We have an added benefit to the people of California and Washington who cannot afford to live there. ” Business Oregon has been charged with felony criminal mischief for creating, maintaining, nurturing, and attracting businesses that provide sustainable livelihoods.


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