Restaurant Interior Design Tips for 2020

Dining with a View

People like eating outside. When food is accompanied by a spectacular view, it becomes a memorable experience. High rises in big cities brought an increase in the popularity of rooftop bars and restaurants with 360° stunning city panoramas. In the cities lucky to have a climate that allows outdoor dining all year round, rooftops are a great opportunity for a unique fit-out transformation. Even in a continental climate, a rooftop restaurant can be all-rounder, with stylish shading in the summer and glass walls, retractable roof, blankets and fireplaces to bring comfort and cosiness during the winter. Rooftop dining offers an experience that makes your customers want to return.

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Rooftop Restaurants Interior Design Tips

Lighting is a significant element of rooftop restaurant interior design. Don’t go overboard, since imposing, bright illumination can ruin the harmony. On the contrary, a sophisticated dance of ambient light will underline the viewing experience. Even if you decide to use only candles and string lights, their light tremor could be just what you need.

A well-executed Interior Design will make the best out of the available space, and that includes seating. More tables with unobstructed views mean more reservations and a crowd of happy customers.

No need to stuff the space with many statement features when you have spectacular views. A green wall or any other kind of accent wall will be enough to complete the story and offer some interesting focal points for the tables in the back.

The Age of Awareness

Sustainability matters. Designing for health and wellness goes far beyond mere appearance.

Ecological consciousness is higher than ever, and consumers expect to see brands presenting the same or higher level of awareness in order to put their trust into a service or a product. In terms of restaurant interior design, it means eco-friendly materials and a more natural overall vibe of the Interior Design.


Eco-friendly Interior Design Tips

Creating a healthier environment for the employees as well as guests can give a significant boost to your reputation. In addition to materials, you can achieve that by lowering both noise and light pollution, decreasing a daily level of physical stress.

Lighting is one of the easiest, cost-effective ways to reduce energy consumption in your establishment. CLS or LED lighting in warm white is sustainable as much as multifunctional and compelling.

Bringing outdoor elements to restaurant interior design in 2020 by adding wooden accent walls, chairs, floors create a warm, cosy ambience. Making sure that it’s sustainably-harvested lumber brings bonus eco-points. Also, don’t forget to add greenery.

A Sense of Community

The rise of communal eating trends brought the increase in food halls and a more open concept dining. Large families and groups of friends love to eat together. Providing shared spaces and broad tables create a unique social and dining atmosphere and make a restaurant easily stand out.

Communal Dining Restaurant Interior Design Tips

You can increase authenticity and variety by offering multiple dining areas and experiences. Provide your guests with a choice of the atmosphere between a communal dining area and somRestaurant Interior Design ething more intimate.


Well-executed Restaurant Interior Design will utilise the communal dining trend to maximise the available dining space, resulting in increased sales. Adding more seats makes room for more customers, while a crowdy looking place creates an infectious energy blast which attracts young, dynamic customers.

You will want to make use of the large tables when there are no organic groups, too. Food theatrics is a shared experience, which helps increase comfort for strangers to dine next to each other. Think of an open kitchen that will host an attractively skilled chef.

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