Qualities of a Well-Written Article

There is more to article writing than grammar. An effective article has to serve its purpose in informing the readers while providing them entertainment.

If the writer nailed the technical aspect of his article, then good for him. However, for the article to be much better, it should reflect these qualities that professional writers infuse into their own sets of articles.

1. The articles are well-planned.

Good writers plan before they write. Although they can fix the mistakes after writing everything, doing so is not advisable. To save time and to make sure that their article is informative, they plan it way ahead.

To do that, they first choose an interesting subject as their main topic. Then they outline, using the main topic as their guide. They include content that readers may relate to. They also decide which information should go first, second, and so on.

2. They follow the K.I.S.S. concept.

This should not only be applied to article writing. Writers should focus on presenting facts and ideas well, rather than showcasing their wide vocabulary.

An excellent article is one that every reader can understand. An article that is too complicated is boring, aside from incomprehensible.

3. Writers give the articles enough attention.

The introduction needs a lot of attention since it has to engage the readers. For the main body, writers have to avoid lengthy paragraphs. In article writing, they are free to make as many paragraphs as they need and they must use that to their advantage.

The sentences in one paragraph must be related to each other but not necessarily affirming one another. An article that reveals two opposite opinions regarding the main topic is surely interesting. Still, many writers remain neutral unless they do not mind being hated by one group of readers.

4. The article starts as a rough draft.

In article writing, writers are also free to write a draft before coming up with the actual article. In this rough draft, they are allowed to discuss what they want without minding grammar and sentence construction.

After that, they will decide if everything they have written is important and must be included in the article. Then they will proofread the work, fix the errors, reasonably arrange the paragraphs, simplify the complicated ideas, and write a second draft.

5. The article has presented its purpose well.

Firstly, the article has to have a purpose which is to inform, to describe, to define, to persuade, to suggest, or to present opinions effectively. Secondly, the article must comply with its objective because otherwise, it cannot be called an effective article.

How does one know if an article manages to serve its purpose? Well, if it informs and engages readers, then there’s no doubt that it has served its purpose.

6. The headlines are eye-popping.

The headline will be the first thing that possible readers will see in an article so it has to be catchy. It has to catch their attention and make them so interested that they would want to explore what was written for them.

The main topic should also be inserted in the headline for the readers to know what they are about to read.

7. There is an equally-catchy subheading.

Articles with subheadings are edgy, Pubg pc, especially if the writer was able to make the headline and subheading equally catchy. Subheadings can also be summaries of articles.

8. The article is likable.

Article writing is also a form of art. It is an art of expressing and presenting various and sometimes contradicting, ideas and facts in the best way possible.

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