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The use of various gadgets and cell phones is much common in this era as they help the user in a number of ways. There is no feeling worse than seeing the iPod Touch hit the ground and listening to the sure fracture of its glass. You lift it up and see the glass is broken top-to-bottom. It is a costly assault of gravity. It can happen to anybody, and you cannot use the device because the screen is completely shattered just like the spider web.

Now you need to replace its screen, and you will need tools. It will be better to see how to carry out the iPod screen replacement of 4th generation iPod touch. It is black & white one kind. Here is given the list of tools you will need for its repairing.

Replacement display:


Razor blade


Standard #000 Phillips screwdriver

More strong double-sided adhesive for replacement, better use pre-cut kit

Heat gun

Hair dryer

Power off the iPod screen

Prior to trying to undo the iPod screen or carry out any sort of repair, at all times you better power your device off at first. Merely press down its power button until there appears message on its screen reading slide to power down. By using your finger slide it and stay there to see the device completely is powered off. Then start your repair work.

Areas to watch out during taking away the touch screen or its LCD assembly

While other devices like the older iPod and iphone touches tend to be held together by making use of clips and screws, the iPod touch along with its other iPad sibling grip the display in place with the help of a powerful adhesive. You are needed to make it soft by applying heat to it before removing it.

There happen some areas you are required to be cautious of at the time of trying to pick up the front assembly of the iPod touch. Look carefully and utilise the metal spatula and pry tool with care while prying around these areas to see you do not damage any cables. If you can do it with skill, you will not need to contact iPod repairs NZ.

As you have minutely watched the areas to be cautious of and the places they happen to be present below the screen, move towards the next step.

Take away the shattered glass plus LCD assembly

First of all, apply the heat gun on the low setting and heat the left edges of the bottom of your device. You be cautious as you pick it up or handle it because the edges may become too hot. It can be good in case you heat up and poke around small areas simultaneously with the aim to grip in hand the other side.

As you get an area heated up, utilize the pry tool or metal spatula so that to steadily work on the digitize and LCD assembly just by tenderly picking up amid the screen and gasket edge.

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