Protect Your Kid Against Bullying With Martial Arts Training


Bullying cases are increasing day by day. You cannot, in any way, lose your concern for your kid’s vulnerability of exposure to bullying. It is also needless to say that there are grave negative consequences of bullying for your kid. Bullying can leave behind short as well as long term negative impacts for your kid. You cannot take bullying lightly. And you should put in place a means to protect your kid from bullying. 

Martial arts are possibly the best means for protecting your kid against bullying. But, before you understand how martial arts will help, it is worthwhile for you to know the short as well as long term impacts of bullying for your kid.

Short Term Impacts

Kids exhibit different negative short term behavior after bullying by a peer. And those typically include:

  • Isolation
  • Shame
  • Sleep Disturbance
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Avoiding School
  • Anxiety
  • Bedwetting
  • Depression
  • Poor Academic Performance

Long Term Impacts

Bullying leaves behind negative long term impacts on your kid, such as:

  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Stress
  • Health Degradation
  • Self-Harm
  • Distrust in Relationships

How Can Martial Arts Help?

Coming back to the remedy—martial arts, as we said earlier, it is a dependable method to empower your kid to defend himself against bullying. 

During martial arts training sessions, your kid will learn to punch, kick, grapple, block, and a lot more. He will gradually learn to become aggressive in a controlled environment. Martial arts channel the natural impulses of your kid towards aggression in constructive, helpful, and beneficial ways—focussing on self-defense.

In parallel to empowering him to defend himself, martial arts also toughen your kid physically as well as mentally. Martial arts practice strengthens your kid’s body muscles and also builds courage. 

Last but not least: if your kid is a girl, do not hesitate to send her to a martial arts gym. You should know that kids of both the sex are equally capable of picking up martial arts techniques.

Apart from guarding your kid against bullying, martial arts also help him to strengthen his self-confidence as well as self-esteem.

Refer to the infographic in this post to know more.

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