If you think that using SEO tools for optimizing your website is sufficient, then you are wrong!

There is still a lot more to work on.

These days’ people talk a lot about modifying and optimizing websites as per the changing SEO trends but how many of them are actually successful – quite a handful of them.

The reason why people are not successful in adding quality to their websites is – most of the people think that SEO tools can do the job for them.

True that SEO tools can actually enhance the performance of your website and do a lot more other than that but it cannot build strategies and apply them to the website. To know more you,  can contact an SEO company.

Read below to know more about what SEO tools can achieve and what they cannot:


  1. Immense traffic

SEO tools can certainly help you attract a good amount of visitors to your website. You have many chances to gain potential leads and increasing your profit margin.

  1. Quality optimization of content

SEO tools help you in changing your content and improving them as per the SERPs layout and it becomes easier for your website to hit the top list of search engines.

  1. Variety of free and paid options

These days there are many free and paid options for SEO tools. Depending on your need, either you may choose to use either a free SEO tool to optimize your content or if you own a large-scale business, you can opt for paid SEO tools.

  1. More scope of growth

It is an obvious fact!

When you collate all the keyword data that is trending, apply them to your content, and optimize it accordingly using the SEO tools, there is a good scope of growth for your business.

  1. Aids in marketing strategies

Formulating an effective marketing strategy is not an easy task. You need to consider the availability of budget and resources to work out a good marketing strategy. SEO tools help you in creating a goal-oriented marketing strategy that can attract many potential customers to your website.


  1. No strategy formulation

SEO tools cannot formulate a marketing strategy for you!

These tools are only helpful when you have an idea in your mind and you need to implement it practically.

Let us say, you have an online garment store and you wish to attract visitors. Do not expect an SEO tool to do that for you! You have to create a marketing strategy and then optimize it with the help of SEO tools.

  1. Normal data interpretation

Let us say you are using SEO analysis tools like Google console or Google Analytics for monitoring the number of visitors to your website. These tools can simply give you the numerical data but you need to interpret and act accordingly.

  1. No scope finding specific factors

Many times even if you optimize your content, your website might not get a very satisfactory rank in the search engines. SEO tools cannot help you in finding the actual or specific reason for not being able to get a good rank.

  1. No direct analysis

These days there are many analytic SEO tools that help you in analyzing the traffic at your competitors’ website. However, these cannot provide a real-time analysis interpretation.

  1. No decision making

If you are, an e-commerce owner and you wish to optimize your website but you face confusion at a point of time then remember that SEO tools cannot be a replacement for expert advice.


What you can do about it?

  1. Hire professionals

Make it a point to hire SEO professionals who can help you in making a real-time decision for your business.

  1. Keep a balance 

SEO professionals and SEO tools lie on opposite ends and are irreplaceable. Make sure you strike off balance between both of them. Learn to seek for help and utilize them as per the situation demands.

  1. Build a team 

Create a team of talented SEO professionals who can work together towards achieving business goals.

  1. Formulate and test strategies

Once you have the right SEO workforce team and SEO tools. You can easily work on creating an effective SEO strategy to make your website rank in the search engines. After formulating the SEO strategy, do not forget to test the output.

  1. Keep a note of changing trends and algorithms

SERP layouts and SEO trends are the two common factors that keep on changing. When you have a proper team and adequate SEO tools, it becomes easier for you to conquer the market.


There are many factors, which you have to consider before developing an SEO oriented strategy. No doubt, SEO tools can help you largely in simplifying the workload but you need to consider its limitations too. The best way you can achieve a good rank using SEO techniques is – when you have sufficient resources, a good budget, reliable SEO tools, and an amazing team of professionals.

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