Presenting 5 cool glasses for women – A frame for every game!


Cool glasses for women can help them look class apart in an instance with no big effort. But, choosing which pair of cool glasses suits which occasion is a daunting task no woman wants to do. Right girls? After all, choosing the right attire is a chore in itself. That’s the reason why we are putting out this list which matches the right kind of glasses with the right occasion, to make it easier for you to enjoy the charming pairs. Here we go!

5 Cool glasses for women occasion by occasion.

  • The ‘night party’ glasses

A sizzling night party will need you to express your nuances of sophistication and class. Minimal and polished frames like these cat-eye glasses are a great option to pair up with a chic dress. These cool glasses help you flaunt your avant-garde attitude with a calm colour like green while also compensating for the light with its metal shine in a dark night party. Also, if you love some vintage vibes that come from the cat-eye and the gold colour, the pair is never going to disappoint you. 

  • The ‘casual day out’ glasses

A sporty appeal with plastic coloured frames looks amazing when you are out for a casual day with friends or family. Be it a beach party or shopping spree, the colours will make sure you are in a chill mood to enjoy your day to the fullest. That’s why we recommend these cool glasses in purple and tangerine orange. They have spring-like vibes to them, which makes them blend well with simple outfits with their peppy delights.

  • The ‘geek out’ glasses

When you are in a mood to geek out and fashion is at the back burner of your mind, these gradient brown eyeglasses with the navy blue temples might be the perfect fit. Just any attire and it will go beautifully with it. What’s more! These cool glasses have a style mix of wayfarer and rectangle, which is quite a prefered style by most geeks out there. The pair is well-suited for girls who don’t like to express their feminine side much. So, don’t forget this pair when you buy prescription glasses online.

  • The ‘business meeting’ glasses

When it comes to spectacles, do you know what a hot favourite of all professionals is? It’s rimless eyeglasses. That’s the reason why we bring to you this pair in round, that speaks of intelligence, maturity, confidence, and sophistication. All these qualities are a must to express when you wish to inspire those working in your company and even more crucial while closing a deal. It’s a pair in silver which ensures it feels classy with your formal attire. Nothing is better than these cool glasses of the rimless type to help you climb your career’s success ladder.

  • The ‘everyday’ glasses 

Every day is also an occasion, isn’t it? After all, it’s each day that makes up our lives. An everyday look calls for a pair that’s not too simplistic, not too sophisticated, and not too funky or bold as well. These red and blue cool glasses are, therefore, the perfect match. They make the right blend of all those aspects we just talked about. You can also add a blue light filter on glasses to protect you against its ill effects from screens that we use on an everyday basis. 

We hope you found a frame for every game of yours! So, what is the wait for? Order glasses online at Specscart right away and enjoy the free coatings you get along! 


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