Pest Control Tips for Student Housing – How to Keep Bugs Away!


Student housings are unfortunately some of the worst when it comes to hygiene and overall pest-free environment. This can largely come down to the age-old fact that students don’t bother much about their surroundings. Dorms, hostels, student apartment buildings and others inevitably have high pest populations that bring whole other concerns.

From mosquitoes to spiders and mice to roaches, all types are found in student housings. Cold humid places like Vancouver in Canada, will have more of pest problems to worry about. Although, you’ll find quality Vancouver pest exterminator and its surroundings, it is important to control the problem for longer. Here are some effective pest control tips for student housings:

Explain All Procedures of Proper Garbage Removal to Everyone

Starting off, all student residents need to know the effects of performing garbage disposal or not. Someone responsible needs to explain how pests like flees, mice, mosquitoes and spiders get attracted to open foods and other wastes.

All student residents need to be well trained on how to properly dispose garbage. Even the trash areas where garbage bags get stored, must be organized, tidied up with no open food waste. Anything organic including meats, fruits, vegetables and liquids will attract flies, mosquitoes and other pests.

A quality pest control Langley service will provide help in case of pest infestation. Also, students caring for trash management will not let this problem arise in the first place. Putting up instructions in their rooms for display is also another way of reminding students about garbage removal.

Student Residents Must Inspect Their Belongings Carefully

Quite often, pests make their way into a student building while being carried in luggage bags. When students go on road trips, it is common to catch some bugs in their belongings. They must perform regular checks on all their belongings including clothing and equipment.

Any tiny number of bugs entering a student housing can manifest into large colonies quite quickly. Mosquitoes, flees, mice and other bugs are known to multiply at rapid speeds. Students must ensure their belongings to be pest-free at all times.

Make regular scheduled exercises for students to check their belongings. Have them check through all bags, containers, cupboards, mattresses or any other possessions. Also explain to them what to do if they find any bugs or pests in any of their belongings.

Encourage Regular Scheduled Room Cleaning

Student rooms in dorms and hostels are unfortunately not very often cleaned. Unless the student housing has a paid cleaning service that takes care of this problem, you must encourage students to clean their rooms regularly. Bi-weekly room cleaning is a must on routine basis.

Essentially, the best practice is to have a room cleaning service arranged for student housings. You can also have students participating financially to pay the cleaning service. Clean rooms reduce chances of pest manifestation exponentially.

While cleaning, all hidden corners, cracks and furniture bottoms must be cleaned up too. Any areas that can hide pests away from sight, need double checking and cleaning. Remove as much as you can and have your student housing free from pests.

Train Students for Proper Food Storage

Fridges, kitchens and food storage areas are some of the biggest pest pullers. What happens is wasps, mosquitoes and flees enter your student housing attracted by the smell of food. Any food left open, even in some containers attract bugs of all sorts.

These flying pests in turn invite lizards and other bug hunters into student housings. Starting from here, things get pretty ugly pretty fast. Essentially, food items should be covered with plastic or aluminum foils for storage. Nothing should be left open in cupboards or open storage places at all.

Nobody should be wasting food items anyway. When you store them in the open, they become potential sources for pest attraction in your student housing. Train everyone to store food safely and away from smell sensors on bugs and pests of all kinds.

Ask Students to Keep an Eye on Building Damage and Wall Cracks

Pests make their homes in wall cracks and damaged building sides. Spiders live inside small cracks. Mosquitoes can lay eggs in well small potholes anywhere on the building. Your local pest control Surrey service would tell you how important it is to look out for building damage signs.

Ask all student residents to inform student housing admins on first sighting of wall cracks or building damage. All walls and areas behind cabinets and beds must be checked regularly. Proper pest removal treatments are required in case there are any cracks filled with pests.

Ants can be the first pest problem coming in through smallest of wall cracks. Smell of foods sneak through cracks paving way for ants, flees and more. Keep windows and doors closed to not let any mosquitoes through. All these efforts can make your student housing very much safe from pests.

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