Perfect Zombie Outfits That Will Be Popular At Every Halloween Party This Season

Years ago, The Walking Dead premiered on Halloween as a cable series and recorded positive ratings and consequently, the Zombie costume is seen everywhere during the celebrations. But even prior to the series, they were some costumes out there that were quite popular because, there were easy to make and could be personalised to become as elaborate as you desired them to be. Abruptly, everybody wanted zombie Halloween outfits. This article brings some popular costumes that you will certainly be seeing at the next season’s Halloween parties.

  1. Skeleton costume

This costume as the name implies, portrays zombies that have crawled out of their graves after rotting completely and becoming skeletons. The outfit features tattered or torn clothes that have bones being visible through the tears or tatters, a skull mask as well as skeleton gloves.

  1. Fulci Zombie

This was named after an Italian director who created one of the most iconic zombie movies with his 1979’s Zombi. The flick-related latex mask that’s elaborately sculpted transforms you into one among Fulci’s rotting zombies. The mask has sharpened tooth, rotting flesh, and even worms that are crawling out of one of the eyes. Also, you should think about The Gates of Hell mask which happens to be based on one other Fulci film that features an empty eye socket as well as a distorted mouth.

  1. The Walking Dead costume

Properly enough, since this series helped in sparking a zombie renaissance, the next Halloween will witness a rise in Walking Dead zombie masks and zombie costumes in Australia. It comprises little girl zombie masks and split heads, a split jaw prosthetic that makes it appear as if your jaw has been rotted away, and a pyjama girl costume that features no mask.

  1. Zombie doctors

These comprise some tattered scrubs featuring decomposing chest ribs and horrible mask as well as exposed knee detailing.

  1. Zombie Cowboys

These combine rotten features with classic western looks, along with some accessories such as bandanas, belts and dusters with skull buckles and together with a mask.

  1. Zombie cleaver

This is actually an excellent accessory that you can combine with your outfit and it features a headband that offers an illusion that somebody has smashed some cleaver into your head.

  1. Zombie Crusaders

This outfit verifies that scary creatures also existed during the middle ages and it comprises a crusader outfit that includes tunic, chain mail hood, and cape, as well as a mask.

  1. Zombie pirates

The success of the movie ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’ has shown the love of audiences to watch pirates, so why shouldn’t they be mixed with zombies? Pirate Zombie outfits comprise a skull pirate which features a sculpted hand with a hook, a zombie shipmate outfit that features a top with printed bones, an eye patch, tattered trousers, and a skull mask.

If you are thinking of any zombie costume that will certainly be popular during the next season’s Halloween celebrations, then you can choose any one from the options that are listed in this article. They are the ones that will certainly take center stage during the next Halloween celebrations.

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