Pair Your Dresses With Boho Inspired Jewellery


If you like accessories and jewellery, then you must know about the boho style ones. Bohemians are also a big fan of wearing jewellery and a variety of other accessories and their unique style has made them quite popular. The trend of wearing boho style jewellery has become quite common nowadays. The bohemian lifestyle is essentially about the peaceful mind, free spirit and individualism when it comes to fashion trends. There are so many creative and fun ways in which you can style yourself when you chose to go for the boho style.

To look like a complete bohemian, you should go with women’s clothing that is quite loose and flowy. The colours should be earthy and natural as well as the fabrics. You will also see that in the bohemian style, tassels and fringes are quite common. They are found in the tops, jackets, bags, shoes, etc. As the people are quite nature oriented, their style also reflects it. You will see that their designs have a lot of feathers or animal designs as well as plant and flower components.

Here are a few jewellery ideas that would look great with your boho dresses.

  • As told before, fringes are common in the style, so a fringed necklace is something that will surely give you a whimsical and symbolic look. A fringed necklace is also a key element of the style. The fringes are used to complete the edges of most of the boho clothing and accessories. But for you fringes can be a beautiful decoration and it also adds length to the style.

The necklace can have a statement stone at it centre and it can be worn in any casual occasion. These fringed necklaces can be worn with dressy outfits too as the fringes are mostly made of leather and suede threads.

  • A layered necklace is a very romantic and beautiful option to go with your boho outfit. A delicate layered necklace can be paired with a soft white top. The simple layers will make you look more vibrant and surely put a smile on your face.

You can go for a thin layered one which has pendants in each layer or even a beaded one. You don’t necessarily have to have a layered necklace in your jewellery box; you can also create the look by wearing two or three necklaces together. But remember that the size of each should be different.

  • If you are going to the beach or just want to have the beachy look, then you can go for jewellery that is made of shells. Shelled jewellery brings out the wildness inside you. Nature inspired jewellery is common for bohemians, so a shelled choker or bracelet will look great with your boho outfit.

Necklaces are just not the jewellery that bohemians wear. They love to over accessorise and wear several necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings together. When it comes to the hands, they choose solid bracelets whit a symbol. Statement rings that are quite big in size are also an all-time favourite accessory.

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