Non-Diamond Engagement Rings That You Should Look Out For

Alternative engagement rings to diamond are cheaper and serve the same purpose just as diamonds. If you have found the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, you should start getting ready for proposing by finding the right engagement ring for her. The idea that engagement rings should be diamond rings is starting to fade with people looking for other alternatives. We will give you other options but before you propose with the options we are going to discuss; it is important to ensure that your girl is okay with non-diamond rings.

Although people are looking for alternatives, others are still moved by diamond engagement rings. Even if your spouse is not a traditional type, she may surprise you with her desire for a diamond ring. Remember an engagement ring is a ring she will be showing off to her friends so you want to buy a ring that she will be proud of. If you find out that she is cool with alternative rings, continue reading to learn more.

Man-made diamonds

If your woman doesn’t want natural diamond but wants to stick to the modern tradition then you should get man-made diamonds for her. While a lot of people think about cubic zirconia when they think of man-made diamonds, there are a couple of various categories under the umbrella of man-made diamonds. Cubic zirconia is made of the same materials as moissanite and many people consider them as diamond stimulants. They look identical to natural diamonds when you view them with a naked eye. They are the perfect alternative engagement rings online you can get.

The advantage of this option is that it is cheaper than natural diamonds. However, unless your woman is on board with this option, it is better to get her what she wants. Whenever people compliment her diamond, she will be remembering that it is fake.

The second choice is a recently developed alternative. These are lab-created diamonds. It is not accurate to call them man-made because they are created through the same process that natural diamond is created. They duplicate the same chemical, physical and optical properties of a real diamond. It is impossible to differentiate the two unless you use advanced spectroscopy. Lab-created diamonds are exactly like natural diamonds and because they can be produced in the lab, they are slightly cheaper than diamond and there are some predictions that they will change the future market of diamonds.


There are a lot of gemstones in the world and they have a traditional meaning as well. Choosing a gemstone that has a traditional meaning can be one of the best alternative engagement rings. Some of the examples of gemstones’ meanings include the following: agate means protection, truth and strength, apatite means communication, blue topaz means the courage to overcome obstacles and fears, onyx means thought to deflect negativity. There are many more examples. Gemstones come in a variety of colours, shapes and prices. The best thing is that gemstones are cheaper than diamond.

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