Myths and Facts Associated with Botox in Sydney


Botox is a neurotoxin that is gaining worldwide fandom as an ultimate wrinkle reducer. It has been used for many years to improve facial lines and give an aesthetic appeal to the face. In addition to cosmetic use, it has medical effects as well. It is used to treat various medical symptoms and conditions. Despite the fact that it is being used so frequently by medical practitioners for cosmetic and medical reasons, several doubts and myths pertaining to its use and efficacy keep floating in the air. It’s time to bust a few myths about this miracle drug.

MYTH 1: Botox is used for deep wrinkle lines.

FACT:  It is more useful for preventive treatment. It becomes difficult to smoothen and restore the appearance of skin after lines get deeply etched into the skin. It is advised to undergo treatment as soon as the wrinkles start appearing.

MYTH 2: Botox effect is permanent

FACT: The treatment results are not forever. The effects last normally for 3-4 months. Botox prevents wrinkles from worsening till the time active treatment is underway. Once the level in muscles goes down, wrinkles reappear as they were present before or slightly less than that. For those who get injected repeatedly, the more pleasing result can be achieved as muscles become atrophied because of disuse.

MYTH 3: Botox is for older people

FACT: It is a blessing for all the age groups and is a way to keep skin flawless, beautiful and young. Age is just a number and everyone’s skin ages at its own pace. Ageing depends upon your skin type, race, genetics, diet and lifestyle. A teenager having wrinkle free skin may or may not be in need of Botox. A hyper mobile facial skin having wrinkles at any age needs Botox in Sydney can stave off lines and wrinkles. It is ideally used for lines that remain after constant muscle movement.

MYTH 4: Botox is just for wrinkles

FACT: Besides its cosmetic benefits, it has got medicinal use as well. It can be injected to reduce excessive sweating by temporarily blocking sweat glands. The injection cures even Migraine pain by reducing nerve currents.

MYTH 5: Botox is a woman thing

FACT: When it comes to looks and glamour why men should be left behind? Researchers show that Botox increases men’s confidence, mood and self-esteem. Looks are important not only for the purpose of matrimony but also for clearing job interviews and job security. A man doesn’t want himself to be seen as angry or tensed with a furrowed brow. With such treatment, they tend to feel good which in turn increases their confidence and efficiency. When it comes to wrinkles and lines, there is an inject able way to fade those creases away and that is BOTOX.

Though it is slightly expensive and its effects are temporary, but many people swear by its name as it makes you feel young from inside.

Live young and stress-free with such smart alternatives.

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