Most Popular Trucks of the 20th Century


It is difficult to imagine that trucks have been around for more than 130 years. Basically, trucks came into existence in the 19th century, but the first ones were slow, big, and funny with diminutive engines. Over the years, trucks developed from toys of the rich to obligatory possessions of the ordinary man.

The automobile industry shaped the whole world. However, it was not until the 20th century that trucks developed into modern and advanced machines many drivers use today. To learn more about them, the following is a list of the popular trucks of the 20th century:

  1. Dodge Ram

It may not be understated how vital the Ram was to the Chrystler when it first debuted back in 1994. This truck took its design hints from semi-trucks, and its comfortable and spacious cabin places rival GM and Ford on notice.

By 1999, Dodge Ram provided the unique ‘Quad Cab’ rear doors that made the truck more practical.

  1. Datsun 220

As American Trucks grow bigger, Nissan thought that there was a need for a four-cylinder, small, and economical truck. In 1958, the truck came into the picture, establishing both the small truck and Datsun market.

With a 1.2-liter engine wheezing out 48hp and framework based on the 210 sedans, this truck was hardly a powerhouse or rugged. Though it was the first small truck to make it in America.

  1. Toyota Hilux

While Datsun was the first truck manufacturer in Japan to enter the US market in the 50s, Toyota reigned some decades later. According to Car and Driver, Toyota was the first to produce a 4WD in a compact truck.

Typically, Toyota got recognition for making a truck, which was dependable and may handle every terrain. Many truck drivers also considered the rigs of Hilux to be a reliable car, making it the preferred option for most individuals.

  1. Ford F-150

Ford’s F-Series trucks have been holding a coveted title for being one of the best-selling cars in the US market for around 15 consecutive years. During this time, people have seen a partial paradigm shift where trucks transformed work-oriented utility cars into versatile personal models.

With myriad equipment variations and Peak HD products, Ford F-150 trucks have become cars of choice for an entirely new group of purchasers, from homemakers to businesspersons.

  1. Chevy Cameo

In 1995, Chevy realized that people needed a versatile work truck, which could be driven to the city Saturday night and taken to church on Sunday morning. Cameo began as a deluxe car in the Task Force truck line, but GM styling included a tailgate panel and fiberglass fenders to make it appear a ‘Fleetside.’

The styling also spruced the truck with wheel covers and whitewalls for a custom and smooth appearance. Many Cameos came with Chevy’s rugged Blue Flame six-cylinder, though the 265-CID V8 was still available.

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Concluding Remarks!

Trucks have come a long way from the predecessor – the Ford Model TT. Since the first truck’s introduction over a century ago, this quintessential car has become a strong foothold in the American soul.

In the US, trucks are more just cars. They have developed into multi-layered cultural symbols and dualities at their core.

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