Martian Republic Secure 1.6Million Investment


On Saturday, 19th March 2022 ; the virtual reality startup company named Martian Republic based in Singapore officially secured $1.600.000 US dollars in investment on seed round from the investment firm based in Cayman called East Naga Capital.

Republic Secure 1.6Million Investment


Martian Republic operate , the website official publicly launch on 10th April this year. The Martian Republic is a virtual reality startup company that creating Mars metaverse world; the new virtual reality that took Mars as a development location and it will let people to able to purchase the virtual land as an investment for virtual building development or for trades. And also this virtual world will let user to create a virtual company and employ the virtual workers, transaction digital currencies, playing games in one portal from many game developer partners, managing social media from virtual worlds, internet browsing, install other apps on the virtual portal, and the most important is to build, decorate, rent, sell the virtual property inside the world. There will be other features also like the city political system and management that will be run by the user’s election in periodical times.

Martian Republic founded on July 2021, it took them more or less 1 year to doing R&D for this project before release it to the public.

Sam, the founding partner of East Naga Capital said, “The new era of virtual reality it will begin sooner than what people imagines. The martian republic is one of them, that will show the world of how virtual reality metaverse works and applies in many industries and affecting changes in the way of many people operates and uses”.

Yes, there is some competitors that developing almost similiar concept with Martian Republic. But the points that makes Martian Republic different is the features that they offers, the complexity of technologies and systems, and the approachment level of concept that accommodates many reality aspects to make virtual world feels real.

The idea of concept to bring digitalization industries into the next level in virtual world and make it works; is something that still as a pipe dream for majority peoples out there. The Martian Republic, will makes our dream come true! When you can playing games, working and earn real money, investing (make a virtual company and build the property that allow you to buy, sell, and rent. Operates the digital company in virtual world and hires people to work in the company, and makes real money and income), and many other features that they offer inside the world. That is the revolutionary for me! And how you think? Let’s wait the 10th of this April 2022 for the Martian Republic official release and let’s see the turning point of this industry changing like what we dreaming for


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