Making planning funeral arrangements in advance


When a person dies, the family members arrange for the last rites. They cannot arrange independently, so they require service providers to assist them in providing those services. The family members although are undergoing considerable pain and stress, they should overcome it. The close relatives and friends are usually available during these needy hours. The priests can perform some spiritual practices and perform certain rights. They also explain them about the spiritual meaning of death that can cause relief to the grieving members. But, as quickly as possible, the family members should arrange for funeral. So, the service providers help in planning funeral arrangements.

Planning for the funeral arrangements

The process of preparation of funeral is lengthy and complicated. During this phase, many people including the close relatives, friends, priests, and service providers are present in the place. Many people arrive at the place to console the family members. The dead body is decorated with flowers, festoons, garlands, and woman with jewelries. The service providers usually guide the family members to decorate the body. The body should be placed in the coffin in a systematic way so that the people can carry it smoothly. So, the service providers assist the family members to perform every task in a proper manner. So, they arrange for the hearse van to carry away the dead body to the graveyard. So, the priests or the service providers help in carrying the body in the van and taking it to the graveyard. They assist the family members in planning funeral arrangements by guiding them.

So, the body is cremated or buried as specified by the members. In India, as majority people belong to Hindu religion, they cremate the body. At this time, also mantras are chanted and some religious songs are sung. Then, even after the body is cremated, the family members require assistance. So, they assist the family members after the funeral also.

What is funeral and spiritual significance of funeral?

Some of them even do planning funeral arrangements in advance and hence they book online. The funeral is a form of ritual or a religious ceremony performed to pay a tribute to the deceased person. The body is systematically cremated or buried to protect the environment. But, the close people are present during the ceremony to perform rituals, say prayers or chant mantras, etc. The person who is deceased is just not carried away, buried or cremated. But, it is performed systematically to mark the significance of the person in our life. This ceremony indicates that the person was significant in their lives and has a great contribution in making their life meaningful. So, the last journey is always memorable, so family members perform it by calling several close people.

They mention online about the place of cremation or burial. They also mention if the funeral is to be done by cremating the person or by burying the body. The deceased person mentions about every detail so that the arrangement is made in a fine way. For systematically planning funeral arrangements in advance, the applicant should mention the details systematically, so that the service providers arrive at the doorstep and perform the rituals in advance.

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